Adam Freeman
Inside Sales Representative

Born and raised right here in North Carolina, Adam grew up in Charlotte. Earning a full scholarship as a student-athlete, Adam graduated from Louisburg College where he was honored by being named to the All-Region Baseball Team two years in a row. 

At the start of his professional working career, Adam quickly found his calling as a personal trainer and changed the lives of countless individuals by helping them reach their fitness goals. Adam quickly excelled to the rank of Fitness Director where he managed 24+ trainers for several major fitness chains over a 9 year period. 

In 2006, Adam’s love for helping others led him to become a licensed real estate broker, where he’s worked with several top performers at RE/MAX, Keller Williams and now with Angie Cole at A Cole Realty. Adam is an Inside Sales Agent who absolutely loves connecting with potential buyers and sellers to lead them down an effortless path towards a successful purchase or sale. 

Away from work, Adam enjoys traveling to new places with amazing sights or fine wine. No matter where the adventure takes him, Adam’s found a passion for preserving memories through the use of editing software to create videos of his journeys.