Alex Harter
Buyer Specialist

Alex Harter's journey to a career in real estate is authentic and inspiring. Raised in Moore County by a family steeped in the arts, his father is a stage director and his mother a dance instructor, Alex learned a selfless dedication to work and the principled value of process guided by discipline. He also found himself immersed in a multi-generational family where he was as close to his grandparents as his siblings. Living on property that had been in the family since the Civil War, Alex came to appreciate property as a connection to history and a potential bridge to the future. Alex did not have a passion for the stage, but embraced the art's mantra of service. He attended Cape Fear Community College where he discovered an interest in culinary arts. This inspiration led him to work as a Kitchen Manager and then Assistant General Manager for several corporate chains. The young man loved people and making them happy, and as you might expect, wanted his own business. Alex and a long time friend created A Greener Way, a landscaping company, affording him an outlet for hidden artistic talent. The missing element to Alex's professional career was a connection to land. Real estate. He knows from his upbringing that a home, not just a house, is inspiring. The combination of his love for people, a natural inclination to serve, and his personal appreciation for history, make him an ideal agent.  He inspires trust with his instinct for personal attention and service; and, can relate to all ages of clients. For all buyers and sellers, this is a person with a unique perspective on the current market and life experiences. He understands the potential value of a place to call home.