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Angie  Marie
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As a mother of 5, Angie knows the value in community and serving. She knows without those 2 things, she would never survive, and because of that, she's learned to appreciate it on such a deep level and wants others to experience the same. Angie sees every client she works with as family and never wants them to feel as if they are anything less than that. And like parenthood, the way we need those that have come before us to give us the raw honest truth, whether it hurts or not, she strives to do the same with her clients. This prepares them for the journey of home buying/selling ahead!

Growing up, her dad was a builder, so she's always had an appreciation for homes and the stories they tell, not just through the homeowners, but down to the very hands that built them. To Angie, each home tells a story and everyone different from the one before, and the one after. A home isn't just a bunch of wood and nails, but it's a beautiful story awaiting to be unfolded by the next family to come. She finds great joy in putting the right family, in the right home, to create memories for years to come.

So if you're looking to purchase or sell your home, Angie would love to come along side of you for an event of a lifetime and make it one that will never be forgotten.