10 Home Features That Might Help Sell Your Home Faster

The Savvy Synopsis

Angie goes through a list of features some say will make your home sell faster. But which ones are really worth having and which ones are more about personal preference? Do you have any of these in your home (or on your wish list)?

Did You See This?

0:38 Baby Boomers are changing the housing industry

  • 55+ communities are in high demand and are changing home designs.
  • There are many in this area, Del Webb being one of the big ones in the Triangle.
  • This is the only neighborhood type that can restrict based on age.
  • If you like to get out and be active and spend time with others in retirement, this is a great option.

Do These Features Sell Your Home Faster?

5:14 Chef’s kitchen

  • That’s the number one thing to spend money to update.
  • The cooktop and built-in stove and microwave will help get your home sold quicker.

5:47 Theater room

  • This is something that won’t hurt a home sale but isn’t a must either.
  • A lot of people will find it as a nice bonus.

6:16 Home gym

  • To Angie, this wouldn’t help sell a home quicker, it could even turn some people away.
  • This depends on the person, it’s very specific to someone’s needs.

7:33 Three-car garage

  • This could sell your home quicker.
  • It’s become more of the norm for homes of certain sizes.

8:00 Solar panels

  • Angie knows it saves energy, but overall, it’s not an upselling feature.
  • The look is not as appealing to some, but it depends on the person.
  • Angie hasn’t had a buyer who has been looking for solar panels on a house, so it doesn’t appear to be in high demand in the Triangle.

9:21 Quartz countertops

  • Anytime you have granite or quartz, an updated countertop will sell a home much quicker.

9:55 Exterior lighting

  • This adds to the attractiveness of the home.
  • There’s not a clear dollar amount on this, but it makes a home pop.

10:25 Tennis courts

  • In the neighborhood, this might not be a huge differentiator.

11:08 In-ground pool

  • On the actual property, it’s 50-50 on if the buyer wants one in the backyard.
  • But having one in the neighborhood is a bigger selling point.

11:58 Home office

  • Having an office or formal living room is nice. It can be turned into a playroom.
  • A bonus room in general sells a home quicker.
  • If the fourth bedroom can be utilized as a bonus room is more attractive than four small bedrooms.

Mailbag Question

15:12 Ashley: A Quick move

  • Ashley is thinking of buying a home in the area where the sellers have only lived in the home for a year. Is that a red flag?
  • Typically, not, since there are so many reasons why people decide to move.
  • Maybe the seller found out they were pregnant or got a new job out-of-state or another personal reason. You do have the right to ask as the buyer, but the selling agent does not have to disclose the answer.

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Speaker 1: It's time for the savvy real tour podcast I'm Walter Salt alongside Angie Cole, the owner and broker in charge of a co realty serving you throughout the triangle, teaching you about the ends announced when it comes to buying or selling a home, you can find the team online by going to a coal realty dot com. That's a c o l e realty dot com or by calling 0 91957831 to 8. That's 91957831 to 8. And now it's time for one of the top rail tours in the Triangle. Angie Cole and the savvy real tour podcast Well, Aunt a show. I want to spend some time talking about two different headlines that we've seen throughout the you know, kind of real estate landscape and catch up on a few things. Get Angie's opinion. Does this apply to us here in the triangle? And did you see this and just saw this article recently about a 55 plus, you know, segment of the population. Those 55 plus consumers are getting special housing attention, Maurin more these days, and it really was talking about the impact of baby boomers changing the housing industry. And one interesting stat was by the year 2035 older Americans will outnumber younger ones for the first time in history and that to meet the demand of the boomers, 55 plus communities are in high demand. They're popping up everywhere, and this evening it started to impact the home designs in many cases in locations, obviously from ability and accessibility, standpoints, that sort of thing. Have you seen this trend in our area?

Speaker 2: I I have. Yeah, there are a decent amount of the 55 plus or like what we call active adult neighborhoods in our area. And they just seem to be popping all around when the most common ones is called the Del Webb Del Webb is kind of a spin off our sister company of Pulte. So Pulte Syntax Del Webb, also John Wheelan. They've all kind of merged together, but the Del Webb product, it is the active adult neighborhood, so you know they have one that they're still actively building in Durham. So right beside after Briar Creek, right behind Briar Creek, there's one. And Carrie, there's also I can't remember. But there's all different neighborhoods that are, you know, really gearing towards this, you know, restricted age. And you know what? This is the only type of neighborhood where they can restrict on age and not get in trouble. Did you know

Speaker 1: that doesn't sound legal?

Speaker 2: Yeah, there's always those protected classes when it comes to real estate, but with the active adult neighborhoods they are allowed to. You have a restriction, and some of them are 55. Plus, I've even seen them down to, like, 55 50 to 50. Um, and there's all the restrictions. As far as like having grandkids stay over, you know they can't be more than 24 hours or weak or whatever might be, so there are a lot of restrictions behind it. But it's also a great, you know, just neighborhood for those baby boomers, you know, because there's other people like you. There's hundreds of other people like you. They have daily activities in many daily activities. Their amenities are just spectacular. I mean, they're just out of this world with all that they do within the neighborhood, and there's something for everyone, you know. So if you like to get out and about. You know, there's just so much to do with in your neighborhood to meet other, you know, neighbors to be in the know to, you know, just keep active. And that's what it's all about. So, yeah, that is ah, very common in our area as well.

Speaker 1: Yeah, it's it's really interesting to see this those changes in how our population effects and impacts those things. So I know it's gonna be,

Speaker 2: I would say, Thio, you've heard of the term halfbacks?

Speaker 1: Yeah. Oh, no, I mean football, but not in,

Speaker 2: Uh oh, you know, for, like, more of the, you know, the empty nesters. You know, they go and they start off maybe, you know, in the north, and they move down to Florida because they think they want the warmer weather right to go and retire. But then they come halfway back. North Carolina eso halfbacks s. So we are seeing a lot of the big baby boomers who are retiring in our area because, you know, great weather. Wonderful. You know, all four seasons, I mean, just

Speaker 1: universities in the area which they tend thio lot of fine think seniors tend to enjoy the activities, cultural elements. That university I agree

Speaker 2: close to the beach is close to the mountains. So yeah, it's a great place to retire said. There are a lot of these new neighborhoods that are really, you know, gearing towards, you know that that livelihood in that lifestyle

Speaker 1: I had not heard halfbacks before, so

Speaker 2: yeah,

Speaker 1: very need to learn something new today, So that's always a That's

Speaker 2: all. Yes, that I'm one in your back pocket.

Speaker 1: That's right. There was another cool article 10 features to sell your home faster. So this group did a study that showed that the following features help sell your home faster than if you didn't have them. And I'm just curious. Is this accurate in our area? And also just from talking to you, I feel

Speaker 2: like

Speaker 1: we've seen the contrary on some of these items that they can actually be prohibitive or make it take longer to sell your home. Not all of them, but but certainly some of them. Here's the list, and you kind of just rattle them off, and then we can kind of pick pick through a couple of them a chef's kitchen or a gourmet kitchen. I would think that's probably positive, right? That probably hope you horse. Yeah,

Speaker 2: yeah. I mean, that's the number one thing. If you're spending money to update something, you know, do it to your kitchen. So yeah, having you know, to me, a chef's kitchen a lot of times is more of it's the cook tot. So there's a building cook tot the built in ah, stove in microwave. That's what a lot of builders then, you know, do as the chef's kitchen. So it's just a little bit more operated a little bit nicer. Ah, but yeah, I mean, that's definitely going to help to get your home sold quicker.

Speaker 1: Then there's theater room. I feel like that would be neutral. Like I don't see that detracting but or get up it all. Really. It's just a room that you've kind of put some nice chairs in, I suppose, But maybe you could be

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah. I mean, I don't see that that could, Like you said, I don't think that that would hurt. Ah, home sale. You know, I don't think that there's many people are like, Oh, no, I definitely do not want a home theater, you know I think most people like, Oh, this is nice, you know? But it's not a must either. So, yeah,

Speaker 1: that's an interesting one. What about a home gym? And let's make it like a true home, ma'am, Like where you put in, like, the rubber flooring Or, you know, that kind of thing.

Speaker 2: You know, I don't know that to me, that doesn't seem like it would help to sell a home quicker, because I think that's really personal preference. And if that's an activity you enjoying, you like working out. Maybe that's important to you. I know personally, you know, we have a room in our house that we've kind of decimated as, ah little gym. But it's not to that extreme with, like, rubber floors and, you know, the glass mirrors. But you know what? I can't tell you. The last time I walked into that room, um, I just I don't do well working out from home, so it means more of my husband over the years who was like, collected, you know, some workout equipment and kind of thrown it in there, but I So I think that depends on the person, so I I don't think a him Jim is one of those things that actually would help sell a home because that's very specific to someone's wants and needs. Um, and actually, if the home is set up that way that it's really a true home, Jim could actually steer. I think someone away because they wouldn't know how to utilize that room.

Speaker 1: I feel like that's that. There's a lot of these. There's two sides to it, yet you might attract an extra buyer that may sell it faster, but you're also gonna turn away potential buyers, maybe, and that might sell it slower. So that seems to fall into that category. Maybe a three car garage is listed as one of the features that sells your home faster.

Speaker 2: I

Speaker 1: don't see a huge downside to that, right?

Speaker 2: Yeah. No, I ah 100% agreed that definitely, and could see that that would to sell your home quicker. You know that's become, you know, not not a must, but has definitely become more of the enormous. Specially certain price points in sizes of homes that it's almost weird or awkward have only a two car garage, so definitely a three car garage would help to you sell a home quicker?

Speaker 1: Yeah, it's a great point to solar panel. What about solar electricity?

Speaker 2: I don't I don't see that that would help sell a home quicker. I think that's something that I mean, I know me. If I saw a home that had solar panels on out of, like, a great thing that I just I know Yeah, it would be saving energy and you now your utility bills would be lower. But overall, I don't think that that's a big up selling feature, so I don't know that someone would dislike it, although, actually, you know, I take that back. I personally don't like the look of them on roofs, and that's a personal preference. I don't think it's his appealing. I just don't care for it. And I understand there's a reasoning behind them. I don't know what your thoughts on that one.

Speaker 1: Yeah, So, uh, sister and brother in law, I know that it was a big selling point for them when they were looking for a home. They ended up without one that with one that didn't have solar panels, but they made sure that they bought a property that they could easily convert that had the, you know, good amount of sunshine and direct light and all that kind of stuff to make use of them. So it was important to them. But that's just one anecdote. So I don't know if how widespread that would be.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I don't I can't remember a time that one of our buyer said that they must have silver painters on him. So I don't think

Speaker 1: that you're working in the feature classes of people. Yeah, that gives you a pretty good insight. I would say courts countertops listed in here is a feature that sells your home faster. I guess it just depends what you're comparing it to write quartz vs coriander, you know? Yeah, probably. Maybe sells a little quicker.

Speaker 2: Sure. Yeah. Anytime you have, like, granite or courts, you know, more of the updated. Um, you know, Sal of countertops. You no solid surface. Definitely. That's going to sell him much, much quicker. And courts is definitely more of the new thing. There's a lot of cool and trending, you know, just colors, you know, from the slates that are installed. So yes, I think quartz countertops Definitely. It could help to get a home so quicker.

Speaker 1: Exterior lighting is also on this list. Yemen. Nice exterior lighting just really adds to the attractive home, I think.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I agree. I definitely think that it could help to get a home so quicker, you know? Is there really a dollar value on that? No. But you know, when that just your word. The ambience, Right? Especially if you know, if you're driving by it late at night. I mean, it really just makes a home just pop. So yeah, I think X you're lighting can definitely help to get a home. So quicker.

Speaker 1: Yeah, really good point there, too. What about tennis courts? This'll was on the list to get on

Speaker 2: that tennis courts for the hammer in the neighborhood.

Speaker 1: I mean, I didn't clarify, so I gotta think Neighborhood will attack from both. I mean, it's not even realistic to say in the home. There's so few.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I mean, I've seen once in a blue moon, our homes had a tennis score. You Now

Speaker 1: let's let's say it's not

Speaker 2: gonna help the cellar quicker.

Speaker 1: Let's say it's in the neighborhood,

Speaker 2: even in the neighborhood. I don't think now. Pools. Yes. Okay. So, like a pool in the neighborhood? Yes, but tennis courts, I I don't know me at people. A lot of times they enjoy playing tennis, but I think that's again. It's 50 50 right? So I don't forsee that that would help. To sell a home quicker

Speaker 1: in ground pool is also on the list, but that can take longer, right? Because

Speaker 2: so, you know, we were just kind of stuck between, okay? Are we talking about at the actual home? Are we talking about in the neighborhood, but in ground pool in the backyard? 50 50. You know, I personally, I would not care to have it in ground pool in my backyard. I'd rather have a neighborhood pool. I just don't care for the maintenance. I don't care for the upkeep of it. Um, I'm one of those people that I'm going to the pool actually enjoy to be around the neighbors so I wouldn't care for a pool where other people that's super important to them. And, you know, they either say, hey, the home must have a pool, or we must be able to install a pool. So that's 50 50 I would not say that that necessarily is going to help get a home sold quicker at all. That's kind of ah, even kill.

Speaker 1: Last thing on the list was a home office.

Speaker 2: You know, I

Speaker 1: isn't just another room, Really. I mean, yeah, customized to anything?

Speaker 2: Yeah, I would say having that additional home office kind of slash formal living area room. It's nice. I've seen some people turn those into more of a play room downstairs. When the kids were still little,

Speaker 1: I just called a like a bonus. We're having a bonus room. Seems to

Speaker 2: have been Isham in general. Yes, that's definitely going to sell a home quicker, actually, if we have a four bedroom home and the fourth bedroom is a much larger like it could be utilizes a bonus room. We actually recommend listing as a three bedroom with a bonus, because it's a lot more attractive verses when you do a search and all you find is a four bedroom home in their four small bedrooms. So yes, having a bonus run is definitely going to help get a home so quicker.

Speaker 1: Interesting? Well, those are all little nuggets. That's they. This article says we'll sell your home faster. Don't know if you can take all of these at face value as we went through. It's gonna depend a little bit on your situation, the area kind of the, you know, the clientele that you're trying to attract as well, because some of these things can detract your overall buyer pool, which could slow down the overall sale of your home. So keep that in mind. And some of these just didn't seem to have that big of an impact. Yeah, they're nice toe have. But I guess the bottom line here and she is, you know, it's not worth going and putting in a tennis court just to sell your home faster, right? There's other strategies that we can use to get the home to so quickly.

Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, most definitely. I mean, I like I said, going back to kind of number one, the chef's kitchen, gourmet kitchen and also quartz countertops, you know, kind of mixes them with that Any time that we can spend some money on our kitchen, that's going to definitely help you to get your home so quicker. So if you are thinking about selling your home. You know, these are a lot of factors to take in a place. Do you have these items? Do you not Isn't important, is it not? But if you are thinking about selling your home and you want to get an idea of what you can sell your home for in today's market, you can text the word listing to the phone number by 5588558 So once again you can text the word listing to the phone number 5558855588 And from there our team will send you back attacks. Make sure that you click on the link and then input your dress. And from there we will give you an idea of what your home is worth in today's market. So once again, if you're thinking about selling your home and you want to get an idea of what you can sell your home for in today's market, just text the word listing to the phone number by 55858

Speaker 1: That's all you have to do, and it's a great tool that a lot of people utilize each week to find out that potential home value. Just text the word listing to the number 555888 Again, text the word listing to the number 555885588 We'll take you right back with the link that you need to find out that information and get that estimate on your potential home value. If you were to sell it in today's market, great starting point for anybody thinking about selling their home now or in the future. Just text the word listing to the number 5558858 We're coming up on today's show, so stick with us. This is the Sami real tour. It's

Speaker 2: time for the mailbags We want

Speaker 1: to hear from you, Ashley says. We're thinking of buying a home in the area, Angie, but the sellers were in there for less than a year. I realized they might be moving for a myriad of reasons, but is it a red flag to see someone flee a home so quickly?

Speaker 2: Typically not. You know, there's so many different reasons why someone could be making a quick move, you know, maybe they just found out they were pregnant, even though they were planning on waiting. A couple of years. So they were in a town whom they decided to get a larger home. Maybe they had a job real. Oh, I see that happen, Ah, lot where someone's in a home for a very short period of time. But they have a wonderful career opportunity that's put in front of them and said they pack things up and they move out of state or move out of the area. You know, very I can't even think of an instance where there was something wrong, Really, like with the home a sw far as a reason to why someone would move quickly. So I luckily I haven't run into that. So you know, most of time is just because of personal reasons that they have decided Thio sell quickly. So do not let that be something that scares you away in any way, because once again I would have only assume it's personal. You do have the right just let you know to ask. But as an agent representing the cellar, they do not have to disclose unless a seller gives them permission, which typically they won't disclose because it could mess up their negotiation power. But you know, feel free to ask. But once again, I wouldn't, you know, be concerned that that's like a red flag and a reason why you shouldn't consider that home. You know that you might like.

Speaker 1: It's a really good thing, too, I think. Consider is, you know, why is somebody moving after year? Well, there's a exactly You hit the nail on the head in your question, right? There's a myriad of reasons why somebody could be moving. So just on its face isn't a red flag.

Speaker 2: Yeah, a lot of times. And it could be even personal preference, right? Like maybe someone thought they wanted a really, really large yard in a lot of land. And after they got into the home, they realized You know what? This is not for me. I'm spending most of my days in my free time maintaining the yard. I'd rather move to a home with a smaller lot. So once again, I think a lot of times it's just for personal reasons or preferences. Why someone would make a move so quickly.

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, that's a great thing. If it's gonna be something like, Oh, we moved into a money pit and the roof is caving in and the foundation is sinking and cracked. And, you know, we were having flooding issues or, you know, whatever the case may be, well, you're gonna probably notice those things when you get that

Speaker 2: right and you know those are material fax to. So there's a major issue like that that should be disclosed once again. I haven't run into that, so I wouldn't be too concerned. Ashley.

Speaker 1: You've been listening to the savvy real tour podcast on Walter Store Halt alongside Angie Cole. She's the owner and broker in charge of a co realty here in the triangle. And if you have questions for Angie Wei, invite you to go online to a coal realty dot com, listen to pass podcast episodes on the website, read the block and all the great information, including the option to find a home right there on the Web site. That's a coal realty dot com, and you can also call Angie with your questions. 919578 31 28

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