6 Home Issues First-Time Homebuyers Overlook

What kinds of problems should you watch out for when buying a home? Angie gives her thoughts on a list of possible pitfalls. 

Part of Angie’s job as a realtor is to help first-time homebuyers (or even second or third-time buyers) to know what they are getting into when buying a home. What issues can be overlooked sometimes? How does Angie better prepare her buyers?

One big area you don’t want to overlook is an electrical or plumbing issue. Angie recommends always getting an inspection to see what could be a problem in the future. You also want to look at small cracks and possible foundation problems. It’s often better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these types of issues. If you see a crooked or off-center fixture, what might be the cause? Is that a real problem or more of a cosmetic issue?

Are open-floor plans a benefit or a downside to a home? Angie says to really focus on what your needs are when buying a home. Where are the bedrooms in relation to the living space? Will that man-cave get all the use you’d like if it’s actually next to the baby’s room? Do you have enough closet space?

Finally, have you considered the neighborhood noise level? Are you near a train track or a flight path? Being aware of this is important so that you aren’t surprised after moving in. Be sure to talk with your realtor and the seller’s realtor to understand all the ins and outs of the home you want to buy to make sure it’s the right fit for you. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip to a particular question using the timestamps below. 

0:38 - What do first-time homebuyers often overlook?

0:59 - Electrical issues can get overlooked.

2:47 - Small cracks and foundational problems.

4:58 - Crooked or off-center fixtures.

5:30 - Is an open-floor plan a problem?

8:13 - Is there ever enough closet space?

9:18 - What’s the neighborhood noise level? 

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