6 Ways to Make a Space Seem Bigger

If you’re staging your home, you want it to feel big and inviting to prospective buyers. We talk about how to do that on today’s show. We also discuss some national real estate headlines.

Feeling cramped in your space? Whether you are trying to stage your home to sell it or get the most out of the rooms in your home, we have six different ways to make your home feel larger inside.

Freshen up with a light paint color. This can make the rooms feel wide open. If you want to still have a darker color in your home, Angie shares an idea she saw used in a renovation show. Another way to clear out the space on your walls is by removing wall décor clutter. All family photos should be taken down when trying to sell your home.

Another way to get more floor space is with smaller furniture. You may be tempted to remove all the furniture when selling your home, but Angie recommends still having some furniture for buyers to better visualize the space.

Busy patterns or tilework can make a space seem smaller. You want to have a minimalistic look to attract buyers. When selling your home, you want to show off the floors and remove the rugs. Rugs can be very busy with patterns to make a space seem smaller.

In another headline, the whitest paint has been created. Supposedly, it reflects away more than it absorbs and creates a cooling effect that reduces the heat in the home. This in turn takes away the need for an air conditioner. Angie thinks this is a cool concept but might be hard to go against North Carolina summers.

Finally, we talk about an article that asks why buyers give up. For many, the reasons came back to the pandemic. Other reasons may include an intimidating market, limited inventory, and feeling undecided on where to live next. After losing out on so many bids, some buyers feel defeated and disappointed and then give up. Angie talks through ways to set expectations accordingly for buyers. It might not be easy, so Angie and her team prepare clients upfront for what they are getting into.

Do you feel prepared to buy or sell a home? Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below.

0:38 - How do we make a space seem bigger when we go to sell it?

1:21 - Paint the walls a light color.

2:20 - Use smaller furniture.

4:24 - Declutter the walls.

5:23 - Avoid busy patterns and tiles.

6:16 - Don’t have too many rugs.

8:12 - Can you replace your A/C with white paint?

10:35 - Why do buyers give up? 

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