7 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

Has your home been on the market more than you’d like? What could cause this to happen? More importantly, how can you get that house to just sell already?  

What causes a home to linger longer on the market? Are any of these problems that can be solved? On today’s episode of the Savvy Realtor Podcast, Angie talks us through seven reasons why your home might still be for sale. 

If the home is unique, that might work against you. Whether it doesn’t fit the neighborhood or if the layout is odd, this might deter buyers. Or, if your home is the most expensive in the area, it could take longer to sell. 

First impression is everything. Is your home properly staged? Is your lawn unkempt or need a little TLC? Some of these are simple fixes that can go a long way. Do the photos show your home in its best light? With so many people shopping online, it’s incredibly important to get professional photos of the property.  

Ask your agent (or agent to-be) what their marketing plan is. What type of advertising do they have? You want someone to tell you that they will do more than simply put the listing on MLS. Often overlooked, marketing strategy is key to not only selling your home but to get the best offer possible. 

Are you available for showings often? While it’s inconvenient, you have to be ready to show your home, often at a moment’s notice. Don’t think that a really interested buyer will always be willing to wait. 

Finally, all of these problems pale in comparison to this one. Is your home overpriced? Take the advice of your agent as they consider comparables in your area. Setting the right price is key to getting your home sold

Listen to the full episode to hear Angie talk about all of the reasons your home might not be selling or click the timestamps below to click ahead. 

0:38 - Local real estate market still holding strong. 

2:27 - #1: Property doesn’t fit with the neighborhood. 

4:46 - #2: Bad staging. 

5:54 - #3: Ugly curb appeal. 

7:30 - #4: Sub-par listing photos. 

9:08 - #5: Agent does not have a good marketing plan. 

10:36 - #6: Not being flexible about home showings. 

12:43 - #7: Your home isn’t priced correctly. 

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