8 Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

What common home-selling mistakes should you do what you can to avoid? We talk through this list and Angie shares about her experiences as she helps guide sellers through the process.

Make sure to be aware of the risks with these mistakes and know what to do instead in order to set yourself up for success.  

Here are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid when selling a home:

 ·      Basing expectations on past information. (1:04)

·      Blame someone else for missing the top of the market. (2:14)

·      Underestimating the costs of selling. (3:15)

·      Choosing the wrong agent. (6:15)

·      Limited showing availability. (7:25)

·      Not clearing out clutter. (8:38)

·      Taking bad pictures. (10:06)

·      Trying to sell a home on your own. (10:53)

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