An Update From Our Market and A Cole Realty

How do our team’s 2019 year-end stats compare to the numbers from the greater Triangle market?

Before I answer this question, I want to provide a quick reminder: We now service the Fayetteville market, which includes Smithfield, Benson, Sanford, and the surrounding area. We’re very excited to be able to service more of our friends and family who have reached out to us in this area. I grew up in Harnett County, so I’m personally familiar with this area. 

Now onto the numbers. In 2019, the average price point across the board in the Triangle market was $315,000. Our team’s average was $325,000. Keep in mind, we service all price points in many locations. From the smaller homes to the estate sales, we do it all, and we take care of everyone the exact same way. We enjoy who we work with, and we take pride in servicing our clients. 

Speaking of which, we had the pleasure of helping 309 clients close on a home last year, which is a huge number! We ended up being ranked as the No. 6 team in the Triangle market, which is all the more remarkable considering we only had seven agents. 309 is 100 more clients than we’ve ever served in a single year, and their transactions equated to about $98 million in total volume. 

Our goal for 2020 is to help 375 clients, and we’d love it if you helped us. We have the resources, expertise, and guidance to ensure that, whether you’re buying or selling, you’re taken care of from start to finish. 

So if you are thinking of buying or selling in 2020 or have any questions about our market, don’t hesitate to call us, visit our website, or text “LISTING” to 555888. We’d love to help you. 2019 was a spectacular year, and we can’t wait to see what happens in 2020! 

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