Assessing the Latest Real Estate Headlines

How do the latest real estate headlines compare to what’s happening in the Triangle? Find out on today’s podcast. 

What’s happening in the news when it comes to real estate? Do these same things ring true in the Triangle

Home sales have such a hot market right now that sales are being compared to the boom in 2006. Do these national numbers match what we are experiencing in the Triangle? How much farther can it go up? Will the bubble burst at some point? With limited inventory and an influx of buyers, the home values continue to rise.  

The average equity gain for home owners was $10,000 for home owners in the second quarter. What kind of appreciation has the Triangle seen? Everyone likes to know they got a good investment.

What do Baby Boomers look for in their next home? From customized housing and nearby college campuses, many of them look for active lifestyles. Instead of exclusively with retirement communities, many of them may be moving closer to their adult children and grandchildren. 

Finally, some homebuyers are waiving inspections. With inspectors booked out, it has taken longer to get to all the homes in certain parts of the country. Is this true in the Triangle too? Would you ever buy a house without an inspection? Angie advises always doing an inspection, even when buying a home as-is. 

0:52 - Home sales hit 2006 levels. 

3:11 - Big equity gains for homeowners this year.  

4:38 - Baby Boomers looking for customized housing with active lifestyle.  

7:49 - Some buyers are waiving inspections. 

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