Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC

best Raleigh neighborhoods

These days, moving to Raleigh is an increasingly popular choice. But how can you pick the best Raleigh neighborhoods?

There are many things to condier when buying a home in Raleigh. Raleigh is home to many technology companies and the best academic institutions. It also has a leading agriculture industry. This means that there are plenty of jobs in all career fields. It is simple to plan a vacation, since it's only a few hours away from some of America's most beautiful beaches. You can also drive up to the mountains to enjoy some of the best hiking trails. Raleigh is a safe place to work, live and play.

What is the best neighborhood in Raleigh for you?

It depends on what you like. We'll help find the right property for you within your budget. Others prefer the quieter, older neighborhoods, while some want to live in the bustle and noise of the Beltline. Continue reading to find out more about the best neighborhoods of Raleigh. They are listed in no particular order, so you can decide if they're right for you.

1. Oakwood

Median home price: $645,798

Oakwood, located in Downtown Raleigh is a historical district dating back to the 1800s. The neighborhood was not always a good place to live and it took some time for the area to become something special. Oak trees are abundant in the Oakwood neighborhood. The area is popular among professionals in Downtown Raleigh and especially among the newcomers.

This neighborhood is home to a wide variety of properties, including restored Grand Victorians from the 1800s, colonial style homes, and newly constructed homes. Oakwood is an ideal neighborhood for young professionals or families because they can walk to Downtown Raleigh and enjoy the many restaurants and bars.

This neighborhood is known for its many trees, which give it a cozy feel despite the busy downtown. Oakwood is a more expensive neighborhood in Raleigh because of its location and historical culture.

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2. Cameron Village

Median home price: $729,174

Cameron Village has everything you need within walking distance. The Village District is located west of the downtown area and near North Carolina State University. It's one of the most popular outdoor shopping areas. Flying Biscuit Cafe is one of the best places to have brunch. Locally owned boutiques and yoga studios are available for fitness enthusiasts, as well as spas and a modern library to help you get your work done.

Cameron Village offers a great view of the city skyline. The real estate prices in this area start at $550,000, and include ranch-style houses as well as historic properties. This area is ideal for young professionals and investors looking for properties to rent out to college students. It's also great for established people who want to stay in their home for the long term.

3. Boylan Heights

Median home price: $662,129

Boylan Heights, located in one of Raleigh's most desirable areas, is a popular place to live. It was founded in 1907 and is one of Raleigh's prime suburban neighborhoods. The architectural homes on this street include Dutch Colonials and Foursquares in Colonial Revival detailing, as well as transitional Queen Anne/Colonial Revivals.

Boylan Heights, located west of Downtown Raleigh, includes Dorothea Dix Park. This park has fields and walking paths, as well as one of Raleigh's best farmer's markets. The neighborhood has both a monetary and sentimental worth to its residents, making it a great place to buy if you're looking for a new home.

4. Hayes Barton

Median home price: $1.3 million

Hayes Barton, one of Raleigh's most desirable and expensive neighborhoods, is a popular place to live. This popularity comes at a higher price. A home buyer can benefit from the great location of Downtown Raleigh, its history, the mature trees and the large lots.

This neighborhood is a great place to live, work and play. There are many restaurants, businesses and parks in the area. Hayes Barton houses are usually well over $1 million because of their location and demand.

5. Mordecai

Median home price: $616,736

Mordecai, a small area in Raleigh, is also one of the most historic. Residents enjoy the historic homes, while still being within walking distance to many restaurants, cafés, and activities in Raleigh.

Mordecai is a great place to live. This is largely due to its prime location. It is a little north of Oakwood and a longer walk from Downtown Raleigh, but has developed its own culture. Find a home in Mordecai to get a rich history without having to sacrifice your modern lifestyle.

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6. Downtown Raleigh

Median home price: $529,117

Downtown Raleigh is one of the best places to live. Raleigh is a great place for young professionals who want to live in the city.

Downtown Raleigh offers single-family houses with yards ideal for outdoor entertaining and townhouses offering city skyline views. There are also condos located within walking distance of bars, coffee shops and some of the best restaurants, as long as you don’t mind having an HOA.

7. North Hills

Median home price: $539,785

North Hills, located just north of the beltline, is a rapidly developing area that's always changing. This neighborhood is an excellent area for those who are moving to Raleigh.

North Hills is home to live music, movies and shopping. It also has fine dining, fast-food, community events and farmer's market. Carolina Country Club, located in the neighborhood, is a golfer's dream. The Greenway is accessible by many different routes for runners, bikers, and dog walkers.

Each house has unique features that are visually appealing and worth a visit! This is a neighborhood that's great for both young families and young professionals. It also appeals to older families.

8. Wakefield

Median home price: $317,363

Wakefield is a great area for those who enjoy living in a suburban setting with easy access downtown. Wakefield, located in Raleigh's northeastern region, is only 30 minutes away from the downtown area. You can easily access grocery stores, healthcare centers, and top-rated public schools. Do you like golf? Many North Carolina natives do, too. It would be convenient to have the Wakefield Country Club in your own neighborhood.

9. Falls River

Median home price: $515,000

Are you looking for a family-friendly neighborhood? Falls River is a must-see area. This neighborhood was largely built in 2002, and has easy access to greenways along the Neuse river. You can be assured that you are in a high-quality educational district if you live in the Wakefield School District.

The median home price is lower in Falls River compared to other Raleigh communities. This makes it a great place to live if you are saving money to send your kids to college, but also want to be in a community that's family-friendly.

10. South Park

Median home price: $544,306

South Park, located just south of Downtown Raleigh is a fantastic neighborhood that's on the rise. This Raleigh neighborhood is just a few steps away from the city center, but still has a great neighborhood vibe. South Park, like the Oakwood and Mordecai neighborhoods, has seen a lot of new construction. New commercial developments are also coming to this area.

South Park has a long history and is a neighborhood that's well established. Homes in this neighborhood were built in the 1930s, but you'll also find newly constructed homes consisting of two-story three-to-four-bedroom detached houses. Shaw University, the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts (also known as the Little Rock Greenway Trail), John Chavis Memorial Park and the Transfer Co Food Hall are all located in this area.

11. Brier Creek

Median home price: $904,274

Brier Creek, located in the Triangle's heart -- between Raleigh and Durham -- and just north of Cary-Apex is a neighborhood that is rapidly growing. Brier Creek, which was almost undeveloped in 1990, looks very different today. Brier Creek is now home to thousands of single-family homes and condominiums. It also offers easy access to RDU airport, Raleigh's main international airport.

Brier Creek Country Club is an Arnold Palmer designed course that offers million-dollar homes. Brier Creek is a great area for golfers moving to Raleigh.

The proximity to Interstates 40 & 540 makes this neighborhood attractive to families and older adults. Brier Creek, located in Wake County, has high-rated public schools that are perfect for families.

North Carolina State University

12. North Carolina State University

Median home price: $619,289

North Carolina State University is a good place to invest in Raleigh real estate for both college students and investors. This area has a very low vacancy rate due to its prime location, which is a great place for NCSU students and staff.

There are many parks and activities in the area.

13. Five Points

Median home price: $698,134

Five Points is actually a misnomer. It was named after a notorious intersection where six streets meet. Residents consider the following areas to be part of the Five Points neighborhood:

  • Bloomsbury
  • Hayes Barton
  • Georgetown
  • Villa Park
  • Roanoke Park
  • White Oak Forest
  • Vanguard Park
  • Oxford Park

The area is located just north of downtown Raleigh and has many bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Five Points provides a great view of downtown skyscrapers and is easily accessible to Downtown Raleigh.

14. Bryson Village

Median home price: $376,945

Bryson village is one of Raleigh's newest neighborhoods. This D.R. Horton community offers fantastic homes, good-sized lots, and reasonable prices. The neighborhood is conveniently located near Interstate 540. This allows for easy access to the Triangle. When the 540 loop has been completed, transportation will be even easier.

15. Stonehenge

Median home price: $476,874

Stonehenge, located north of Raleigh below Interstate 540 is home to some amazing Raleigh real estate. You can choose from a wide range of single-family and townhouse homes. There are several local clubs to choose from, such as Seven Oaks Swim & Racquet Club.

Stonehenge, a neighborhood in Raleigh that is worth checking out for those who are moving there. The Research Triangle Park is easily accessible from this neighborhood. It is an excellent neighborhood for seniors and retirees. Retirement communities such as The Cypress of Raleigh, Abbotswood At Stonehenge and Springmoor.

16. Six Forks

Median home price: $502,746

Six Forks is located in north Raleigh and has a median house price of about $500,000. Most homes in Six Forks are three to five bedrooms and were built between 1970 and 1990.

Six Forks, North Carolina is one of the best places for families to live. The area has a lower rate of childhood poverty than 76% in American neighborhoods. Homes in Six Forks will give you the extra space that you require.

17. Oberlin and Glenwood Ave.

Median home price: $765,430

The median price of real estate in Glenwood is over $700,000. The homes in the Glenwood Ave./Pasquotank Dr. area are older, and most were built between 1940 and 70, although there are some that date back to before 1940.

Most of the real estate in Oberlin and Glenwood Ave is owned by residents. The year of construction of these homes varies widely.

This neighborhood offers easy access to the downtown area, making it a great place for raising a young family. Oberlin is a great neighborhood to live in because it offers easy access to the best of Raleigh, including the North Carolina Opera. Oberlin played a major role in the civil right movement and was home to several sit-ins during the 1960s.

Find Your Favorite Raleigh Neighborhood

Local Raleigh Realtors can be a great resource when it comes time to navigate and find the best neighborhoods in Raleigh. We have years of experience in the Raleigh real estate market and would love the opportunity to help you find your next home. Contact us if you would like to receive some help based on what you are looking for.

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