Can I Ask Why They Are Selling This Home?

What questions can you ask the seller and what might always remain a mystery? Angie answers two questions from the mailbag about buying a home in today’s episode.

When you’re in the homebuying process, it can feel like there’s a lot you don’t know happening on the other side. Why are they moving? Is there something wrong with the home? Who else is bidding on it? Will you ever truly know?

On today’s episode of the Savvy Realtor podcast, Angie gives a little window into what might be happening with the seller as she answers two questions from these listeners and potential buyers.

Bill in Holly Springs is wondering if it’s okay to ask why a person is moving. While it might seem nosy, it’d be nice to know if there’s an issue with a home. Angie says you can ask, but don’t expect an answer. Many people are worried that if they tell you why they plan to move, then they could lose their negotiating power. Take any answer with a grain of salt.

Allison in Chapel Hill says they were in several bidding wars last year and lost them all. Now that she’s ready to get back out there and try to buy a home, she has a bit of an odd question. Is there a strategy they could implement next time such as paying another buyer to back out of the sale? This may seem like creative thinking, but the names of the buyers are not disclosed, so this wouldn’t normally be feasible. Angie shares a story where a similar strategy was tried with one of her clients.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to one question or the other with the timestamps below.

0:38 - Mailbag: Why are they selling this home and moving?

3:51 - Mailbag: Would this creative solution help me win a bidding war?

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