Clever Ideas When Buying A Home

What are some ways you can think outside of the box or be really prepared to buy a home? We talk through some clever ideas when it comes to the home buying process.

How can you make the best decisions and be best prepared to buy (or sell) a home? While not all of these ideas are required, some of them may make a big difference in how the homebuying process goes for you.

Should you rent an Airbnb in the neighborhood you want to move to? While this might not be an option logistically, it can provide a lot of opportunity to test out the area if you can do it. Find out if you like the neighborhood, the grocery store, the commute, the restaurants, or whatever you might experience while living in that area.

When it comes to getting a loan, a lot of times you hear about getting pre-qualified. But why not get pre-approved for the loan? It may make your offer more attractive to the sellers when the time comes.

Are you thinking about buying soon? Are you already looking at homes? Sometimes it helps to begin looking to do some initial research to get a feel for what you like or want. Figure out the neighborhood you want to be in, the style of homes you like best, and what your list of must-haves are.

If you’re selling a home, become a neat freak! Selling a home is never fun, because you have to declutter and keep your home neat at all times. It’s so important to make these minor fixes ahead of time to get a buyer. And be prepared, you might get feedback from everyone from the realtor to the potential buyers.

If you’re on the buying side, write a letter to the sellers. Explaining why you want to the buy the home can make a difference when you put in the offer. Sometimes the letter can help you win the multiple offer bidding war, even when the bid isn’t the highest. Sellers often want to know that the next homeowners will love and cherish the home as well.

Finally, are you working with an agent that will guide you throughout the process? It’s key to work with someone you trust and who understands you.

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip ahead to a particular idea.

1:00 - Test out the neighborhood you are considering living in.

6:24 - Get pre-approved for a loan. 

9:15 - Look at homes before you look for homes.

11:22 - Become a neat freak!

13:48 - The process can include some feedback.

16:47 - Write a letter to the seller.

18:57 - Carefully select your real estate agent.

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