Comparing National Real Estate News With Triangle Trends

Is outdoor living all the rage? Does home improvement really increase your happiness level? Let’s look to recent headlines to find out in this week’s podcast.

Closings across the country are averaging at least three offers per home. Buyer traffic is up from last year and 69 percent of listings are on the market less than a month. How do these stats compare to the Triangle market?


Lots of homes are receiving multiple offers. That said, remember that not every house is in that same scenario. Angie’s team is averaging about 16 days on the market before it is sold. As a buyer, know that you have to go in with strong offers to get the home that you love.


Is it important to upgrade your outdoor living? From pools to landscaping, what’s important now to future buyers? COVID has forced people to be home and backyard amenities are more popular to have. If you are about to sell your home, don’t go add a pool, but know that homes with outdoor appeal are more popular.


Throughout the pandemic, home improvement stores have continued to busy as people take on DIY projects. Can these projects make you happier? A lot of people found between the extra time available and the desire to do something, home improvement projects are on the rise. What areas are people fixing up the most?


Are we seeing fewer homes on the market? Is that what is driving the bidding wars? Angie thinks that as long as interest rates are at an all-time low, buyers will be ready to find a home. Working with an agent can help give you guidance through the process.


Listen to the entire episode or use the timestamps below to skip ahead.


0:38 - In the News: National stats for selling.

3:32 - Outdoor living appeals to buyers.

6:11 - Home improvement happiness on the rise.

11:24 - There’s been a dip in listing availability.

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