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For many people, buying or selling a home happens with a primary residence. But what about a more unconventional route? Angie answers questions from listeners that include everything from a down payment with zero-dollars down to fractional ownership. You might be surprised by the creative solutions people have pursued as they work towards buying a home or investing in real estate.

Here are the questions Angie answers on today’s show:

  • Mailbag: Is fractional ownership essentially a timeshare? (0:38)
  • Mailbag: Should we sell or rent our current house out when buying a new home? (2:34)
  • Mailbag: Is it possible to buy land, live in a camper, and later build a home on that land? (3:54)
  • Mailbag: What is the average down payment people put down on a home? (5:17)
  • Mailbag: How many homes should a potential real estate agent be selling each month? (6:45)
  • Mailbag: Can you help me find a home with an elevator? (8:19)

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