Easy Ways to Boost Your Home Value

How can you increase your home value without breaking the bank? We talk through six ways to boost your home value on this week’s episode of the podcast.

When it comes to getting more home value, what are some simple ways to get a boost? Without having to do a big renovation project, we talk about a few quick ways you can really make a difference when it comes to selling your home. 

One suggestion is to update the lighting. Some say LEDs or smart bulbs are better, but Angie says to start by making sure there’s a bulb in every light fixture. Make sure there’s as much light as possible in the home. Make sure your bulbs match, especially in a strip of lights. Don’t necessarily expect to get more money back but it does make the home look more welcoming to future buyers.  

Do new faucets and showerheads wow buyers? Some of the ease and luxury of a new faucet is nice, but it might not be able to give you a higher value so much as it sells your home quicker. Typically, the faster you sell your home, the higher price point you will get. Even if you don’t do a major project, some of these small details can go a long way.

The landscaping might be one of the first things the future buyer sees. The curb appeal is very important. Adding flowers and mulch to make it fresh and bright can help improve the look of the home overall.

Another easier quick fix might be to paint the front door. This can give a pop of color that freshens the look. If you have shutters, paint them as well so that they aren’t faded. Does one color seem to sell better than another. 

Finally, a home isn’t just for the people buying it, but their family, too! This includes pets and little ones. If your home could be pet-friendly or even kid-friendly, this home might sell faster. Having a fenced in backyard often is a major selling point for buyers.  

Listen to the entire episode or use the timestamps below to skip to a particular tip.

1:06 - Changing out the lighting.

3:40 - Getting new faucets or showerheads.

5:52 - If you do a big re-do

6:56 - Clean up the landscaping.

9:58 - Paint the front door.

13:04 - Is your home pet-friendly?

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