Episode #20: What We Are Thankful For

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It's a special Thanksgiving edition of The Savvy Realtor. Learn what Angie is thankful for inside and outside of the real estate world.  

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What Angie Is Thankful For.

  • 00:44 - A thriving housing market.  
  • Here in the Triangle, we recovered well from the 2008 recession. Our market bounced back quickly, and today, prices are up, and interest rates are low. This means it's a great time for both buyers and sellers at the moment.  
  • 1:16- Sellers who are realistic.  
  • At A Cole Realty, we're thankful for sellers who are realistic. We like working with sellers who understand the housing market and listen to the advice we give them. Not everyone is realistic when it comes to pricing their home. We're thankful for folks who are able to take the emotion out of selling and set reasonable expectations for what they'll get when they sell.  
  • 3:43 - Buyers who are sponges. 
  • We enjoy buyers who listen to absolutely everything we have to say. If you follow our process, you'll more than likely get into your new home at a faster rate. 
  • 4:30 -  The A Cole Realty Team.  
  • A realtor is only as good as their support. Here at A Cole Realty, we have an amazing team. A few examples: Tammy Jones is our executive assistant and listing manager. She's also Angie's mother, and she handles all sorts of back end support. There's also Mamie Berent who is our closing coordinator. She'll take care of you from contract to close. Next, we have Lowry Liggon, who is a buyer specialist. She works strictly on the buying side and has a degree in design. She's a great person to bounce around ideas with. Vicki DiProfio is one of our newest team members, and she is a rockstar. You've probably heard her features on the show before, and as a former schoolteacher, she's ready to educate you throughout the buying process. These are just a few of our incredible teammates, and we're thankful for all of them. 
  • 10:04 - A quick Story. 
  • About two or three years ago, we were able to help a 65-year-old man purchase his first home. He's probably worked for the city for about 30 years, and he loves his job. He's one of those people who light up a room, and it's the best feeling in the world to help someone purchase their first home after working so hard for so long. 

Getting To Know You. 

  • 12:10  - Angie shares what she's thankful for in her personal life. 

Success Story.

  • 14:26 - Angie tells us about a time she helped someone sell their home after they hadn't been able to do it with a different realtor. 
  • We've certainly had listing appointments where clients decided to make personnel changes. One client we worked with lived in Wake Forest. They were going through a separation and wanted to get rid of her home as it left her with a large mortgage payment. This home was on the market for 204 days 2015, and 202 days in 2016. Once we got the home, we put it on the market, and it sold in 18 days. Remember, when it comes to selling your home, it's all about how you market it.  

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PODCAST 020 - WHAT WE ARE THANKFUL FOR - ANGIE COLE.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

It's time for The Savvy Realtor podcast. I'm Walter Storholt also alongside Angie Cole the owner and broker in charge of A Cole Realty serving you throughout the Triangle teaching you about the ins and outs when it comes to buying or selling a home. You can find the team online by going to A Cole Realty dot com that's A c o l e Realty dot com or by calling 9 1 9 5 7 8 3 1 2 8. That's 9 1 9 5 7 8 3 1 2 8. And now it's time for one of the top real tours in the Triangle. Angie Cole and The Savvy Realtor podcast. Well since Thanksgiving just past Angie let's cover some of the things that we should all be thankful for in the real estate world. I think this will be kind of fun. One thing we all have to be thankful for is a thriving housing market.

Glad that 2008 is long in the rearview mirror and hopefully won't rear its head again.

Yeah and we in our market in the Triangle here in North Carolina I mean we are definitely so thankful for the market that we have. Our market definitely you know bounced back a lot quicker than other markets did. So yes for the most part you know prices are up. We have low inventory so it's definitely still a seller's market. But then awesome interest rates right now. So it's also a great time for buyers as well. So yes super thankful for our housing market in general.

Absolutely. Now specifically let's talk about what agents might be thankful for. So a real estate agent such as yourself you are most thankful for sellers who do what I would say the one word that comes to mind there are sellers who are realistic.

You know a seller it's so great to meet with a seller who understands the market and who actually listens to my professional advice that I give them. You know I know we talked in previous shows about taking the emotions out of selling and buying and that's so true. You know it's definitely can be difficult working with the seller who you know just because of they've owned the home for 30 years you know they all their you know stories and memories are with that home they feel that their home should be price twenty fifty thousand above where the market is calling it. So just a seller who is realistic and will listen to me and allow me to guide them through the process because in the end you know as we always say if you list your home where it needs to be we actually will get more for your home in the long run than if we overpriced the home because we have longer days on the market you natural get less for your home so we love realistic sellers.

How do you because you don't not work with folks who do have more of that emotional attachment but how do you help push them toward the right decisions or help push them toward a more realistic scenario.

Yeah I mean given them examples I think is a great way. And just you know having documentation to prove where I'm coming from as far as price point also showing the pictures I actually had that happen yesterday where I have a seller who is actually at estate his son is actually running the home that he is looking to sell whenever I gave him a number and he was wanting to sell the home as his current state as is is not wonderful. Hamas is really bad and so I automatically said hey this is where I think we can get for this home and he automatically said no no no I would not be willing to sell it for you know I think he won at least another five or ten thousand out of it. And at that price point of a home is a lower price point around like one hundred and fifteen. That's a big jump. You know and it was a neighborhood where I could say homes sold exactly for this this and this. So what I did is I sent him the comparables but I also sent him the pictures of the comparables. So now you can see what other homes really look like on the inside and the interior in relationship to your home. So I think just giving them examples can really help and guide them.

Yeah that's great. That's very helpful so realistic sellers. We're certainly thankful for you. What about buyers suit. What kinds of buyers are we most thankful for.

Yeah we're most thankful for buyers who are like sponges and by that we like them. Yeah. By that I mean they take in your advice they follow your guide and say listen to everything that you're saying and by doing that it can help them to find a home a lot sooner. It can help them to get a better deal in regards to negotiations. It can also help them so they don't lose a home that they love because they're dragging their feet. You know so as a buyer who will listen and really just take our advice and you know our professional opinions and ordered to guide them through the process. Those are definitely the buyers that we are super thankful for.

We like them because they're sponges like the absorb ability not from the rough side and the soft side on the right.

Exactly. Now.

All right. So we're talking about what we're thankful for in real estate since we're in the wake of Thanksgiving here. Agents are also thankful for the great team they have around them. I would imagine. Tell us a little bit about your team.

Yeah. So I'm super super thankful for my team and I tell them this all the time I mean I personally would not be the real estate agent that I am and you know be successful if it wasn't for them because we rub each other's back. I mean we you know pretty much take turns with a client in a sense of I'm the specialist on the listing side my buyer agents are you know specialize in the buy side. I have my listing manager who helps me get everything up and going to get a home on the market. We have our closing coordinator you know who carries from contract to clothes are runner who is gonna help by put lockbox is on a door or just anything that we need help with. So a little bit about my team really fast like I mentioned I work Strickland the listing side I then have my listing manager. Her name is Tammy. Tammy's also my mom. So fun. Tammy was my first hire has been with me goodness for almost three years now. So Tammy does everything in regards to helping me get homes on the market. She's also the executive assistant so she helps out with Kline appreciations ordering a gift bag just anything that I need help with on the back end. So she is like my right hand man. And so then we also have mami mami as my closing coordinator. So she will handle everything from contract to clothes when it comes to buyers and sellers close in on their home.

So Tammy and Mammy can I guess Sammy is next.

I would like I just ruined it. Yeah. Now we're switching it up now.

So next we have Lowry and Lowry is a wonderful buyer specialist Lowry was a new home sales like I was before joining my team and Lowry's been with my team the longest in regards to a buyer specialist says she works strictly on the buy side and one more thing about Larry Larry is great because she also you know has a degree in design and so she was in the design studio in New home sales as well so she's a great person to you know just work ideas off of when it comes to building a home then also have Chelsea Chelsea too as a buyer specialist Chelsea also is a new home sales. She was a new home sales I think for about four four and a half years before joining my team just bubbly personality she's wonderful. We then had Vicky Vicky is newest team member but she is a rock star. I think she's already helped about 19 or 20 buyers to go under contract now. Everybody loves Vicky. Vicky was a school teacher before joining my team and she did real estate part time. Probably about 15 years and so. So she has that heart of a teacher and nurturing. Yeah. Well love Vicky said Vicky in one she loves buyers who are sponges only. She does. She takes them under her wing. I mean she's just like the mom. Are just like a good student. So I am super thankful for my team and it takes all of us in order to have happy clients in the long run.

Very cool. Thanks for spotlighting them for a couple of minutes here on the show today. This is the savvy real tour with Angie Cole reminding you that you can reach that great team at a Cole realty by calling or texting Angie at 9 1 9 5 3 8 64 77 and she can touch base right back with you and get into a conversation about buying or selling a home for you here in the Triangle. 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7. Now your team is. Those are the folks that you're working with every day in the office. But I imagine that you're also thankful for all the partnerships that you've developed over the years to help lead you to successful sales and purchases and conclusions for your clients.

One hundred percent our vendors are so important to us and we honestly we wouldn't have the business that we haven't been able to service our clients without having them backing out something to quickly run through some of my favorites. We have Matt Harmon who is our professional photographer and licensed appraiser so he does all of our floor plan drawings. We have a Nica dos who is our professional Stager two contractors that we really love in the view of an amazing job for our clients. Adam Schroeder and David Brent. We then for insurance needs we have Matt Ellington with Farm Bureau. We have Craig McCall who does all of our closings with McCall law firm. We have three preferred lenders. We have Chris Murray with HomeSide financial Ned Ligon with movement mortgage share Riana with Cornerstone home lending. We then for warranty means we have Jan Windsor with HSA home warranty for home inspections we love Brett trees he is just a great great resource and just always makes our clients feel really comfortable when not so great things pop up on a home inspection. He can definitely give you some wonderful guidance there are cleaner. Maurice Yeah. So Barrow she is been with me and been cleaning my personal home for probably six or seven years now. I think she cleans all my friends homes all my clients homes. I mean her business has really taken off which is wonderful to see and then also kind of the guy in the back in Brandon Williams with arts keeps. He does everything from our Web site our marketing you know sending out those mass e-mails you guys probably receive. I mean he's just a great resource to have as well. So very super thankful for all of our vendors and for what they allow us to do because without them you know once again we would be lost.

They complete the package they're the behind the scenes that maybe a lot of buyers and sellers don't necessarily see or have very limited interaction with but that's part of the whole package the importance of those relationships that are real to develop.

It's so true I mean often my clients never meet the photographer but they see these amazing you know gorgeous pictures that now are popping up online. You know when it comes to fixing items from an inspection report a lot of our sellers are at estate sellers their homes vacant and we're able to run in there and knock out you know that to do list and just I mean we're handling everything for them on the back end to make it just a smooth and seamless process.

Very cool. So those are some of the partnerships and relationships that Angie is thankful for in this real estate business. Lastly Angie tell us a story of a time to kind of put a bow on this thankful conversation. Tell us a story of a time when you realized you were really thankful to be a real estate agent and be in this career.

Yeah there's always one memory that comes back. I was probably about two and a half three years ago and I was able to help a 65 year old man purchase his first home owners and so he works for the city. He's one of those people that I mean I think he's been with the city probably for about 30 years and he just absolutely loves his job. I mean he's just he's a joy. He lights up a room and to have him there it's a member sitting up to the closing table with him and like he seriously started to tear up. And of course I mean I just broke loose and I was a little like you know oh hot mess you know because I was just bawling but to be able to help someone after 65 years to be able to purchase a home. I mean is the absolute best feeling ever and he is just so ever grateful and that just really really makes my job amazing.

Wow. And so it's a little misty in here and now I know. Pretty cool. Pretty cool. Those are some really neat highlights of the things that Angie Cole is thankful for in the real estate world if you want to get in touch with Angie and talk about buying or selling a home here in the Triangle whether it be your first time where you're fifth or sixth time going through the process. See the difference with the team at a cool Realty. Call Angie for a complimentary seller's consultation or a buyer's consultation if you're looking to buy in the area as well. 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7 is your number to call or text. 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7.

If you run around a little busy right now but you still want to have that conversation with Angie shoot her a text so that you can get on her radar and then you guys can communicate from there. 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7 is that number one more time. That's 9 1 9 5 3 8 64 77. You're listening to the savvy real talk with antique gold

It's getting to know you time here on the savvy real tour. Well is the part of the show where each week we like to ask Angie just a little something personal we call it getting to know you and it's kind of away from the realty world just to get to know more about your savvy realtor and Angie.

My question for you this week since we just had Thanksgiving what are you or were you personally thankful for.

Yes Walter I definitely have so much to be thankful for as I think all of us do. But most definitely. I'm super super thankful for my little family my little family. It's you know of course myself which I'm a mom and a wife. My husband David my daughter Gatton who's about to be 10 and then we have a dog Izzy who's a shoe noodle and then our gecko go and him haha. Not sure what sex our Gecko is but name is checkers we always call to him for some reason. I guess I'm just beyond thankful for my family and I mean they love me for who I am when I'm at home but also they are very proud of me for who I am in the workplace as well and they completely support me and everything that I do.

That's pretty cool. The gecko I guess could be either isn't that I don't know it's geckos maybe it's some other I'm trying to marry back to SCIENCE CLASS many many years ago now there's some like chameleons or some sort of lizard that can change you're probably right.

That's something my daughter would know. She seems. Check every little thing.

Yeah we actually this morning we told her to go feed the gecko when she came back and she said Nope. He is just too fat his tail spat his body's fat. He does not need crickets this morning and she seems to know everything about animals side which is get my little cousin wants a gecko for Christmas.

So we're gonna we're gonna see they're actually pretty easy to handle other than the stinky crickets that we have to you know just every week switch to worms. Yeah. Which terms I thank you. And that noise would then drive me crazy. It's funny because some of the crickets will chirp and other ones do not. Yeah I think it's the male crickets is what I've heard. I have like the wings that make that sound. But yeah sometimes we'll get a group of them that. Not a peep.

And then the next time on I long they just drip drip drip churn out special order the non try. No. No. Chirping crickets please. Well that's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing with us what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving. We'll get back to all the talk about real estate and all the ins and outs of buying or selling a home you're trying to coming up next stay tuned for savvy

Now it's no secret we all want to have success. Let's check in with your savvy real door for a success story.

This part of the savvy real tour we call the success story where I ask Angie a question each week to tell us a story about a time she helped somebody navigate through a particular problem or issue when it came to buying or selling their home. I always love getting the good stories from Andrew by the way if you want to reach out and get in touch with Angie and her team you can call or text directly at 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7. Don't worry that number will not put you on the air. You'll be able to just have a text conversation or call with Angie 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7. All right Angie this week I'm wondering if you could tell us about a time you helped somebody sell their home after they haven't been able to do it with a different real tour. Shirley that's happened before.

Of course you know that is one thing we would take over a lot of listings I've actually had to listing appointments this past week where you know the client reached out to me and would like to make a change you know and so at that point we've got the discussions you know going. But yeah I had a client who was located a weak force in the Twin Creeks neighborhood. Their particular client was going through a separation had been separated for a while. Amazing client who then ended up buying with us but I was very anxious to sell her home because she wanted to get rid of the larger mortgage payment of course which I understood well. This home was on the market for 204 four days in 2015 ended up expiring and that realtor took the home off the market. Then it was released in 2016 it was on the market for two hundred and two days by a different agent. OK then I spoke with the seller and I can't remember how we originally got contact. I think she did Sara signed a lot in Wake Forest. I think that's how she reached out to me but I put the home on the market and then we got it sought in 18 days. Wow. So cumulative. This home was on the market for four hundred and six days with other real estate agencies and we sold in 18 days.

And you know I like to attribute that to just really knowing how to market a home with this particular home. The biggest setback that we had honestly was the backyard. It was a gorgeous custom built home really large home and many times when you have a large home it probably will be a home for a family. Right. And then they want a very usable backyard maybe for a playground to play soccer whatever it be. Well this home had a gorgeous backyard but it wasn't usable in a sense to be for those purposes kicking around a ball or something. So I mean beautiful they did a great job with the retaining walls it had a lot of steps to it and whatnot. A lot of flowers and landscaping good for landscape lover but not necessarily without kids. Exactly. So it was just all about marketing the home to the correct person which was similar to my seller you know. And we end up finding someone and once again we went under contract in 18 days seller was super happy we've since helped her find another home she's ordered close on that one. So it was great to be able to help her to get her home sold after so many days of being on the market.

That is pretty cool neat illustration of how just sometimes making minor improvements finding the right kind of buying or adjusting the marketing just a little bit can help it go a long way in getting your home sold. You've been listening to the savvy real tour podcast. I'm Walter store Holt alongside Angie Cole. She's the owner and broker in charge of ACO realty here in the Triangle and if you have questions for Angie we invite you to go online to a call realty dot com. Listen to past podcast episodes on the Web site read the blog and all the great information including the option to find a home right there on the website. That's a call realty dot com and you can also call ante with your questions. 9 1 9 5 7 8 31 28.

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