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When you buy or sell a home, you end up working with so many different people to make it happen. Today we talk with some of Angie’s preferred vendors and professionals to hear more about the home-buying process.

 From Tina Konidaris, we hear about the pre-qualification process for a mortgage and why it’s important. Then we talk with Amber Cole about why staging can make a huge difference when you go to sell your home. Craig McCall shares about economic trends during the attorney minute, and Jarrett Joines gives some insight about what you can ask your home inspector. Finally, a question from the mailbag asks how to find a home that has the best resell value.  

Here’s what you’ll learn from today’s show:  

  • Mortgage moment: Understanding the pre-qualification process. (1:41)
  • When does staging help promote interest in a home? (3:53)  
  • Attorney minute: How do economic trends impact their approach? (4:50)         
  • Ask the inspector: What can I ask my inspector after the inspection is completed? (6:15)
  • Mailbag: What types of properties have the best resell value? (7:51)

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