Gen Z: The Next Generation Ready To Buy a Home

Can you believe that Gen Z buyers are now in the market to purchase a home? We talk through national and local trends when it comes to real estate on today’s podcast.

National headlines can give an indicator of where the real estate market is, but is it the same in our local area? We talk through three stories that have become prevalent throughout the country but hear from Angie on whether or not she thinks it matches the Triangle area. 

Nationally there was almost an 11 percent increase in homes listed. What about here in the Triangle? While the numbers do seem to have gone up in listings, we are still low on inventory compared to how many buyers are in the market right now. 

What should you know about iBuyers? As they come back, are these options worth it or too good to be true? You will likely net less when accepting one of these offers, but is it worth it to avoid the showings? Be sure to look at all of your options and speak with a real estate professional before you get locked into a contract as a seller. 

Gen Z buyers are starting to join the market when it comes to buying a house. Angie has found that the Gen Z clients she has worked with have been more prepared and had more saved before buying their first home. Most Gen Z buyers are popping up in the Midwest, but many of them are looking in the suburbs. The pandemic has also potentially motivated people to buy a home sooner rather than later, regardless of your generation.

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip ahead.

0:39 - Are these national headlines happening here?

1:02 - Did more homes get listed last month?

2:51 - What should you know about iBuyers?

5:52 - Gen Z is starting to buy homes.

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