Headlines: The Negotiation Power of Women

Today we are exploring some trending real estate headlines and how they could impact your journey through the real estate market. We’ll discuss the negotiating power of women, if love letters are back, and how the war in Ukraine may affect the market. 

Are women better at negotiating real estate? Cindy Watson, the author of The Art of Feminine Negotiation says 5 of the 6 skill sets that mark an effective negotiator are traits that feminine negotiators tend to have. Another study showed that women pick which home to buy 91% of the time during a transaction.

The same author found that women were less likely to participate in the deadly sins of negotiation: ego, attachment, reactivity, not listening, and jumping straight into business. Women tend to be better at building repour, having empathy, flexibility, intuition, and trust. Angie agrees this is a trend she sees with the personality of women. There’s a delicate balance when negotiating between repour and respect.

Are love letters back? Previously, we’ve discussed how some areas are banning love letters because of the possibility of discrimination. A federal judge found that Oregon law was in violation of the first amendment, meaning that the law is on hold. As of right now the real estate commission rule doesn’t ban letters but does highlight protected classes that can’t be discussed in a letter.

With the war in Ukraine and Russia you may be wondering the impact it could have on the real estate market. The conflict probably won’t affect the market directly, but it could affect the overall economy. These changes could change the buying power of individuals here in the United States. Despite all the moving parts, we don’t see the market changing dramatically over this conflict. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamps below. 

0:38 – Are women better at negotiating real estate?

2:59 – Women are less likely to engage in the deadly sins of negotiation

6:28 – Are love letters to sellers back?

10:07 – Is the war in Ukraine going to have an impact?

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