6 Ways to Stage Your Closets

how to stage your closet

Storage is a top priority for most buyers when they are looking to buy a home. So before you list your home for sale, your closets may need some attention.

It's important to make your storage as appealing as possible for when you put your house on the market. It's not uncommon to see people declutter the home, but then stuff it all into the closets. If your closets are stuffed to the brim with things, buyers will not be interested.

A lack of storage space can quickly ruin a sale. The wrong presentation can make buyers think otherwise, even if the closets in your home are large.

Many people stage their home and ignore the closets. These closet staging tips will help you transform your closets so that buyers will feel more confident in your home's storage capabilities.

Closet staging ideas for closets

1. Remove as much of the contents as you can.

To make your closets look more appealing to potential buyers, you should reduce the amount of stuff in them. The more items you have in your wardrobes, the smaller they appear.

If all that stuff fits inside, does that not mean that it has lots of storage? Although this may be the case, it will appear that there is not much space because of all the stuff that is packed in. It looks as if there's more space in the closets when there are fewer items present.

To save space, pack as much as possible and store it with a family or friend. It will be well worth it.

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2. Replace the clear bins with opaque bins.

They are good for home use, because they allow you to see everything inside at a glance. However, this is also why they are not suitable for staging. Clear bins create an unorganized look, which is not appealing to buyers. Invest in inexpensive boxes that are opaque and neutral in color. White or beige would work well. Store shoes and accessories in these boxes until you decide to move.

3. Check that all hangers are the same.

Mismatched hangers give the appearance of disorganization and disrupt the cleanliness of the space. Sticking to one type of hanger will help you create a more uniform look for your closet. You can find wood hangers at IKEA or Walmart. You can match all the hangers to one color, like white, or a dark wood color.

4. Keep your floors as clean as possible.

Just ask your real estate agent, and they will tell you that you should put anything on your closet floor away, or store it in boxes you can place on shelves. You can buy a shoe organizer to hang on your existing shelving, or you can purchase opaque boxes for the top shelf. Having the floor cleared will make the closet appear larger.

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5. Sort the clothes according to color.

It's so simple and it doesn't even cost anything. You can easily rearrange your clothes to organize them by color. You can then organize the clothes by style within each color. Start with the tank tops in each color section. Then move on to short sleeves and then long sleeves. This will immediately give your closet an organized and cohesive look.

6. Install additional lighting to light up dark corners.

Install some small lights in the corners of your wardrobe to lighten them. Installing small lights will instantly make your closet appear bigger and more spacious. Purchase some inexpensive push-lights that can be attached to the wall. They can then be removed before moving. Make sure to turn on the lights with the rest before the show.

If you follow these tips to prepare for home showings, your closets will be ready and ready to impress potential buyers! 

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