Is It Worth It To Refinance?

When should you refinance? Is it possible to sell a home completely virtually? Angie answers these questions from the mailbag in today’s episode. 

Are you thinking of selling or buying a home in the Triangle? On today’s episode of the podcast we talk about a top zip code for homes, how to sell a home during coronavirus, and when’s a good time to refinance. 

A recent study identified America’s hottest zip codes when it comes to real estate, and 27604 in Raleigh made the list. These weren’t necessarily the most expensive places, but homes considered due to the demand, being less expensive price per square foot, and affordable in relation to the area. Are you looking in this zip code? 

Danny from Cary bought a home only a few years ago with a relatively low interest rate. How much lower should it be to make it worth it to refinance? Angie says the change in the interest rate needs to be enough to make the switch, probably at least half a point. Speak with a lender to get guidance on whether or not a refinance makes sense for you. 

Angel in Clayton wants to sell their home without anyone coming into the home. Is it possible to sell it completely virtually? Angie says while COVID is a concern, there are ways to sell a home safely. Vendors will need to come through as well as the buyer, but having showings will allow you to get the best offer. 

Are you ready to begin the home selling process? Angie’s team is happy to set up a listing presentation. If you want to get an idea of what your home is worth, reach out to find out what you might be able to sell it for in today’s market. 

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to hear a specific segment. 

0:38 - In the News: Raleigh included in list of top zip codes in the country. 

3:53 - Mailbag: Should I refinance my home? 

6:22 - Mailbag: Can I sell a home completely virtually? 

11:08 - What’s the first step of the home selling process?

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