Let's Play Real Estate Fact or Fiction

Is that true? We talk through several commonly held beliefs about real estate to see what’s fact and what’s fiction.  

Let’s play a game of fact or fiction! When it comes to buying or selling a home, you may have heard some of these statements in the past, but do they ring true? 

Have you updated the exterior as much as the interior of your home? The first impression (or picture) is often the outdoors of your home. Spending some time and money making the outside of your home a welcoming space can help you get top dollar when it comes time to sell. That said, when it comes to the location of the home, that will always be one of the biggest factors when buying or selling a home. 

Are realtors all basically the same? If they do the same job, does it matter who you work with? The reality is, some are better than others. Some have more experience or more education. Some realtors have better attention to detail or a better marketing plan.   

Is it owning a home more expensive than renting? If you’re looking for the short-term, renting might be better. Over several years though, owning a home provides you with a better investment. It really depends on what your plans are to determine which is better for you. 

When you are selling a home, should you mark it higher to have room to negotiate? Can you trust your agent or will they do about anything to make a sale? Would selling For Sale By Owner end up saving you money or costing you in the long run?

Find out what’s fact and what’s fiction by listening to the entire episode or clicking on the timestamps below to hear about a specific one. 

0:52 - The outside of your home is just important as the interior when selling. 

3:25 - Location, location, location! 

6:12 - Real estate agents--are they all the same? 

9:06 - Should you always choose a high list price to leave room to negotiate? 

11:00 - Is it much more expensive to own a home or rent? 

14:05 - Will agents do anything to make a sale? 

15:15 - Does For Sale By Owner save you a lot of money? 

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