Looking For Luxury Homes in the Triangle

As we near spring, Angie and the rest of the team at A Cole Realty are seeing a busy year. More buyers and sellers are ready to make a move and the potential for interest rates lowering down the line has people excited. They’ve even seen some multiple-offer situations! If you’re in the buying market, be prepared for a low inventory with more buyers in the market, which makes it competitive.

After the market update, Angie answers two questions from the mailbag. Ben recently relocated and is looking for where to buy a home and yard big enough for his family, including five kids! Then, Terry asks what the price range is for a luxury buyer and how that process might look. 

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Angie and her team are at 100 pending contracts for the year 2024 already! 
  • Mailbag: Where can I get a large home and yard in my price range?
  • Mailbag: What price range is a luxury home buyer in? 

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