Mailbag: Are We Going to Face a Real Estate Crisis?


When you listen to the news, you might be wondering what’s happening with the real estate market. Angie shares how the Triangle market is a bit different than some of the other parts of the country. Will there be a real estate crisis? If so, how can you prepare now?

Before you get too worked up, look at the market that you are in. Angie shares her experience here and now in the Triangle and sets your mind at ease. She then answers three other questions from the mailbag on today’s show.

Here are the questions Angie answers today:

·      What’s the pulse of the local real estate market? (0:43)

·      Mailbag: Could the US debt default scare cause a massive real estate crisis? (2:57)

·      Mailbag: Are sellers willing to pay closing costs? (4:50)

·      Mailbag: Is it worth it to pay points to buy down interest rates for the mortgage? (6:03)

·      Mailbag: What kind of fixer uppers should I avoid as a first-time homebuyer? (9:27)

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