Mailbag: Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Do you really need flood insurance? How can you keep healthy while buying a home? What kind of agent should sell your home? Angie answers these three questions from the mailbag in this week’s podcast.

Have a question for a realtor? Angie answers three questions this week from listeners in the home buying or home selling process. Do one of these relate to your experience with buying or selling a home?

Marcy in Clayton is worried about flooding in the home. How does flood insurance work? Do you only need it if you’re in a “danger” zone or can you still buy it regardless? If homes are listed in the flood zone, is that a red flag? Will you be required to purchase flood insurance or is that optional? Angie shares about a property she has flood insurance on and a bit what to expect in this area.

Amber in Chapel Hill is nervous about the risk of coronavirus, but her family still is ready to move. How can you buy a home with as little in-person contact as possible? Angie explains how the home showing process has changed as well as the protocols you can continue to follow. It’s worth noting that a lot of buyers are doing much more research online before going to see a home, and so much of the process is online or over the phone.

Jack in Wake Forest has a number of homes to sell, both a million-dollar home and a few trailer park properties. Can one real estate agent sell all of them? Or should he work with different realtors that specialize in different home types? Angie says it depends on the agent. Is the agent you’re looking at someone who has working with only manufactured homes? Or do they have a team who has worked across all price points? What marketing tactics will be used across the different properties?

Listen to the entire episode or click ahead to the question you want to hear first using the timestamps below.  

0:38 - Mailbag: How does flood insurance work?

2:59 - Mailbag: How can I buy at home with minimal COVID exposure risk?

5:39 - Mailbag: Can the same realtor sell a million-dollar home and a trailer park property?

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