Mailbag: Fixer-Uppers, Credit, and More

What’s your best bet when it comes to buying a home for a good deal? How will your real estate investment best pay off over time? Angie answers these questions and two more on credit and searching for a real estate agent. 

We dive into the mailbag to answer four questions from people looking to buy or sell a home this year. What advice does Angie have for them?

Sandra in Durham is considering a fixer-upper to get a good deal. Is it better to find a home with less work needed though? Angie suggests you look for a home that is move-in ready. Right now there aren’t many fixer-uppers that are going to give you a great deal. If you enjoy the DIY process to make a home your own, you could look for one, but otherwise, it’s likely not an area where you’ll save. Supply chain issues are also causing problems and higher prices when it comes to doing work on your home.

Conrad in Wake Forest wants to know if he should try to boost his credit score before getting pre-qualified for a mortgage. Angie says to start by talking to a mortgage lender to see where you are currently at to see how far you are from your end goal. This will help you better understand the difference it could make on your mortgage and what it takes to get there.

Bert in Raleigh would like to start investing in real estate. Which is a better long-term strategy: flipping homes or finding homes that can be good rentals? Angie says to look for a rental for a long-term strategy. Several of Angie’s clients are buying up properties right now for this purpose.

Lonnie in Holly Springs is looking to find a real estate agent to sell his home. How should he find one? Angie says to do your research and meet with several agents. Ask for recommendations from past clients and proof of what they sold last year. Angie and her team can set up a listing presentation for you to give you an idea of what the value of your home is and what the home selling process will be like. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamps below. 

0:38 - Is a fixer-upper actually a good deal?

2:30 - Should I try to boost my credit score before getting pre-qualified for a mortgage?

3:56 - Should I invest in real estate by flipping homes or renting them out?

6:39 - How can I find a real estate agent to sell my home? 


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