Mailbag: How Can I Make My Home More Attractive To A Buyer?

Do you have a great house but live on a busy street? Wondering if it’s worth finishing your basement before listing? Angie answers these questions and more on today’s podcast.

When selling a home, you want to make sure you get it just right before listing it. But what about improvements that are beyond your control? Or is it good to take on a huge home project right before selling instead of leaving it open ended for the next buyers to decide what they want? Find out what Angie has to say in response to today’s questions from the mailbag.

Steve in Cary feels like the stock market is going to have a major drop any day now. Do you think the housing market might crash? Based on how the market is now, Angie doesn’t foresee a crash but perhaps in the future it will level off. Eventually, there may be more short sales and foreclosures in the market. Something’s bound to change in the future. Remember though that not every area will be the same.

Bill in Clayton wants to know what kind of resources a realtor can provide when you’re looking at flipping a home. Whenever it comes to flips, you want to make sure to buy low of course. Realtors can give guidance to what is a steal, but keep in mind that due to the market right now, the opportunities aren’t there quite like they were in the past. Once you do find the right property to flip, Angie and her team have vendor contacts that include licensed contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers--everyone you would need to go through that process. Once you’re ready to get the home back on the market, Angie and her team can help with staging and selling it.  

Amber Lee in Holly Springs lives on a busy street and wants to know how to make her house more attractive to buyers. It’s a great house, but she’s concerned a future buyer would be deterred. Angie gives a few suggestions of what you can do to minimize the sounds and shield your home from the road.

Chelsea in Chapel Hill has an unfinished basement and wonders if they should finish it before trying to sell the home later this year. Would it give more value to finish off the basement space? Or is it better to leave it as a blank slate? Angie says this is really area specific. But typically, she says it’s better to leave it up to the next home owners to decide.

Listen to the entire episode or use on the timestamps below to hear more from the mailbag.

0:38 - Mailbag: Will the housing market crash?

3:54 - Mailbag: What resources can you provide when flipping a home?

7:10 - Mailbag: How do you sell a home on a busy street?

10:36 - Mailbag: Should I finish off the basement before selling my home?

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