Mailbag: How Can I Show The Sellers We’ll Get To Close?

When buying a house, how can you prove to sellers that you’re in it for the long haul? Angie answers this question and two others from the mailbag on today’s show.

Bruce in Knightdale just moved into their home but the previous owners left a ton of junk! What do they do with all this stuff in the attic and random furniture left behind? Do they own it? Do they have to pay the costs to remove it? Unfortunately, yes, you own all those items. A final walkthrough is to make sure this doesn’t happen. During this walkthrough, you need to make sure you are totally satisfied before closing on the home.

Ruth in Wake Forest asks about closing guarantees to make an offer stand out. Angie says putting down strong due diligence money, which goes at risk immediately, gives the seller a strong sense of closing being guaranteed. You can waive repairs after an inspection or ensure that you’ll may the difference in the home doesn’t appraise for the price.

Andy in Clayton wants to set the mood for showings when they sell their home. Is it a good idea to pump essential oils, set the lighting, and turn on music for showings? Angie says a light air freshener or low music in the background can be nice, but don’t let it be overpowering. You can create nice ambience, but don’t make the buyer wonder what you might be hiding. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamps below.

0:37 - Mailbag: What do I do with the junk left behind by the previous owners?

3:44 - Mailbag: Do you do a closing guarantee?

6:56 - Mailbag: Should I set the mood for a showing?

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