Mailbag: How Do I Increase The Marketability Of My Home?

If you are getting ready to buy or sell a home, there are a lot of things to think about! Angie answers a few questions from the mailbag as people start to prepare for the process. Bart asks how to make his home more marketable for buyers. How it looks online makes a big difference as that’s the first impression homebuyers get!

Stacy asks what questions to ask when looking for a real estate agent to work with. In order to have a good working relationship with your realtor, make sure to find someone who will not only do a good job, but be the right fit for you. 

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode

  • Mailbag: How can I increase the marketability of my home?
  • Is the marketability process the same for online vs. in-person showings?
  • Mailbag: What are the important questions I should ask potential realtors? 

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