Mailbag: How High Above List Price Are Homes Selling For?

In the competitive Triangle real estate market, how much will you really pay over list price? Angie answers this and one other question from the mailbag in addition to giving a market update on today’s podcast.

What’s the latest in the Triangle real estate market? Angie and her team have been getting more listings to sell, which is good to add to the low inventory of homes available. In May, they helped 49 clients go under contract! It continues to be a seller’s market, so you’re a buyer, be prepared to get into a bidding war.

Natalie in Chapel Hill wants to know how high above list price most homes are going to go. Instead of looking at the list prices, Natalie wants to think realistically about what they can afford. Angie tells her buyers to expect to go 10-15 percent over list price. Remember that there are a lot of parts to an offer, so a strong due diligence needs to go with the strong offer. 

McKenzie in Holly Springs is tired of the yard and home maintenance they currently have with their house and are eyeing the condo life. Could they be successful selling their home and getting into a condo? Townhomes and condos have a lot of benefits and opportunities, depending on the area you’re looking at. Finding a place within walking distance of restaurants and shops are very popular. Angie shares some of the clients she’s worked with to make a transition just like this one.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below. 

0:44 - What’s the local market update?

3:44 - Mailbag: How high above list price might homes go?

6:13 - Mailbag: Could we sell our home and get a condo?

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