Mailbag: How Soon Can I Sell?

Are you ready to sell your home ASAP? Angie shares how quick her team can get a home on the market and answers one more question from the mailbag about a renovation project in today’s podcast.

Are you considering doing a flip? Ready to sell like, yesterday? Today we answer two questions from the mailbag related to selling your home.

Carrie in Holly Springs said a home in their neighborhood was recently flipped. Should she refinance her home in order to renovate her kitchen in hopes of making more when selling it later on? Angie asks, how much will it cost? Finding out what you might be able to get out of your home could make a difference. Sometimes doing a flip can be a great investment, while other times it can be more of a break even.

Brad was going to sell their home on their own, but don’t want a bunch of people in the house during the pandemic. How fast can Angie and her team get the process started? Even without a pandemic, realize that there are risks to selling a home on your own. Angie says her team can move at whatever speed the client wants. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, Angie can get it up on the market within a week.  

Are you wanting to sell your home? Reach out to Angie and her team to help you get started!

Listen to the entire podcast or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular mailbag question.

1:00 - Mailbag: Should I refinance and renovate my kitchen?

3:42 - Mailbag: How fast can we start the home selling process?

5:09 - How can you get started with the home selling process?

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