Mailbag: How To Find The Right House From Afar

How does Angie and her team help someone moving from out-of-state find the right spot for them? Even if you’re searching from afar, there’s a lot you can do to research the right fit. Angie talks through what criteria to think through, what kind of home layout you need, and then outlines how her team works with long-distance clients.

She then answers three more questions from the mailbag from listeners wanting to make sure the sale of their home goes as smoothly as possible. Stay tuned to see what you can learn!

Here are the questions Angie answers on today’s show:  

  • Mailbag: How can you help me find my home from afar?
  • Mailbag: Does my neighborhood hurt my resell value even with a renovation?
  • Mailbag: How can I be sure my realtor is a good negotiator?
  • Mailbag: How does Angie’s team alleviate some of the stress and pressure of the process? 

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