Mailbag: Investment Property, Offerpad, and More

Ready to make some money with an investment property but wondering if it’s a good time to buy one? First-time home seller? Angie is addressing these listener questions today. She will also be discussing full-time agents and Offerpad.  

Terrance wants to know if now is a good time to invest in rental properties. Because the market is so good right now, Angie says that when people are buying a rental property that they are getting immediate equity. With so much building and development happening in the area, there have been a lot of investors looking to buy. 

Tina in Knightdale is about to be a first-time home seller. Is it just as crazy to sell as it is to buy? The market is on the seller’s side right now. Plan for a weekend away while your agent packs in showings, but otherwise it is often a bit less stressful than trying to buy. Angie and her team are also offering a few programs to sell your home within 14 days or get you a cash offer through investors. 

Steve in Wake Forest asks if Angie’s team allows for part-time agents or only full-time agents. Angie feels agents need to be in the market daily and active on a full-time basis, so all of the agents on her team are full-time. The market is quickly and constantly changing, so that full-time mentality from agents gives clients a better understanding of the local market. The entire team working together means even more experience and expertise to offer. 

Grace in Raleigh wants to know if it’s best to accept an offer from Offerpad or go to market with a real estate agent. With Offerpad, you may have less hassle but will also net less. Weigh the options out to see what is the best fit for you and your needs. Angie and her team are happy to meet with you to explain what to expect with your home if you chose to list it with them. One more option is to work with Angie to market to investors directly. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below. 

0:38 - Is now a good time to invest in rental properties? 

2:11 - Is selling a home as stressful as buying? 

4:46 - Do you have full-time or part-time agents on your team? 

7:33 - Should I accept an offer from Offerpad or go to market?

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