Mailbag: Is it Worth Fixing Up Older Homes?

Angie answers three questions all about some home fixes, including home flips, a new sunroom, and when to buy an older home.

Felix in Raleigh is looking to flip an old home. What neighborhoods in the area might be well-suited for a refresh? Angie has seen some amazing flips near the North Hills area as well as near downtown Raleigh. There you can find some older homes that can be flipped or torn down and rebuilt. If you can find a home in this area that is a great deal, Angie says to run with it.

Mary in Chapel Hill has a deck that needs to be rebuilt and wants to know if it’s worth putting in a three-season room or sunroom instead? What is the value of adding a three-season room to a house? Angie says a sunroom adds square footage to your home, whereas a three-season room does not, so it might be worth it to do a sunroom. But if you do build the sunroom, make sure there is still an outdoor space to enjoy, like a deck or patio.

Will in Cary asks if it is easier to buy a new construction home or buy a home with a little age and fix it up to their liking. Angie says it depends on your criteria and price point. In Cary, new construction is in the luxury market. The decision comes down to what your expectations are.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamps below.

0:38 - Mailbag: Where is a good neighborhood to flip a home?

3:42 - Mailbag: Is it worth the cost to build a sunroom?

6:52 - Mailbag: Should I buy new construction or an older home to fix up?

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