Mailbag: Selling Quickly, Navigating the Market, and More

Angie is opening the mailbag today to answer some questions from home buyers and sellers. Are you wondering how quickly you can sell? Should you stick it out in the current market or wait? She’ll also be discussing where you can find land in the area and whether she specializes in selling or buying.   

Wondering how long it takes to get an offer on your home? Looking for a few acres of land in this part of the country? Angie responds to four listener questions on today’s episode of the Savvy Realtor podcast. 

Sheryl in Raleigh asks how fast Angie could sell her home if they list within the next week or two? Angie and her team are so confident that they can sell your home quickly that they promise to get an offer within 14 days or they sell it for free! As long as you take their advice when it comes to preparation and staging, they will get you an offer with top-dollar. The average time on the market for homes sold with Angie right now is a mere four days! 

Anderson and his wife from Fuqua-Varina are exhausted from competing and losing out on so many home offers. They are about to give up. Should they stick it out or try again next year? Angie says a lot of clients are in a similar position but stick with it. More homes will likely come on the market soon. 

Bob is in Texas but is moving to the area soon. Where can he find some land while still being close to amenities? Angie suggests looking slightly outside of Wake county. Depending on your goals and what kind of land you need, reach out to Angie to get a specific search just for you. 

Kristina in Raleigh is wondering if Angie specializes more in helping people buy homes or sell homes? While Angie has more buyer clients, she represents both. With 18 agents on her team, six of them are listing agents. All agents are active in the market and well-versed in what’s going on in the Triangle real estate market. Reach out if you are ready to buy or sell your home!

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below. 

0:37 - How fast can you sell my home? 

3:10 - Should we keep looking or try again next year? 

5:58 - Where can I buy some land? 

7:48 - Do you help home buyers or sellers more? 

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