Mailbag: Should I Buy a Newer Home or Build A Brand New Home?

Is it a good idea to make a low offer in hopes of a counteroffer and then the possibility of a second chance? What may seem like a full-proof plan may actually come back to haunt you if your offer is flat-out rejected.

Having a realtor by your side to coach you through making a reasonable offer can make all the difference when buying a house. Angie talks through what she would do in response to this mailbag question and three others she answers on today’s podcast.

Here are the questions Angie answers on today’s show:

      • Is it better to buy a newer home or build a brand-new home? (0:38)
      • Does every real estate agent require a contract to work with? (2:16)
      • How many homes should an agent be selling on average? (4:27)
      • Can you help me find a home with an elevator? (6:00)

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