Mailbag: Should I Look for “Price Reduced” Homes?

What things should you look for online when buying a home and wanting a good deal? Will sellers pay some of the closing costs? Angie answers these questions and two others on today’s show.

Wondering what other home buyers and sellers are asking? Angie answers four questions from the mailbag today based on what’s happening in the Triangle market

Grant in Apex says his wife has been looking online for homes that have been price reduced in order to score a deal. Is this the best way to find value properties on the market? Angie says a price reduction doesn’t always mean it’s a good deal. It could have been overpriced to begin with. Look to see if it is priced low within the surrounding market. Is there something wrong with the home?

Staci in Holly Springs wants to downsize when they retire. Where are some good spots in Durham for retirees? Angie recommends looking into Del Webb for maintenance-free and active senior living.

Chrissy in Knightdale wonders if it’s reasonable to expect sellers to pay some closing costs for buyers. This is a shift we are starting to see a little bit more, particularly in new construction. Don’t expect it, but there could be some possibility of it. 

Ashley in Wilmington has noticed a lot of mother-in-law suites in garages and basements. Will theirs count toward their square footage when selling the home? Angie says it comes down to a number of factors. Make sure you get the proper permits done when you do an addition on your home.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question from the mailbag using the timestamps below.

0:37 - Mailbag: Should I look for “price reduced” homes?

3:25 - Mailbag: Where should I downsize and retire in Durham?

6:00 - Mailbag: Should sellers pay closing costs?

6:57 - Mailbag: Will my mother-in-law suite count toward the square footage?

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