Mailbag: Should I Sell My Home Privately Instead of Listing It?

If a co-worker seems interested in your home, would it be easier to sell it directly instead of listing it? Angie answers this question and two others from the mailbag on today’s show

Lisa in Apex is planning to sell her home in a month or two. A few of her co-workers have shown strong interest in the house. Is it worth just selling it to them instead of going through the hassle of listing it in today’s housing market? Would we miss out on good opportunities if we sell it privately? Angie suggests listing it. Even during the “coming soon” stage of the listing, realtors can begin to reach out about showings or sight-unseen offers. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but you may make more if you list it on the open market.

Jack in Chapel Hill has met with five potential realtors so far to help sell their home, but they have a broad spread on the suggested list price. How do you know which one to pick with such a spread in the price? Angie says to be careful, some agents will tell you a high price just to win your listing. You don’t want to price it too low or too high, but just right. Ask what comparables the realtors are using to get a more detailed explanation of why they got those numbers.

Janice in Holly Springs sold their home once with an agent who was a one-man band. What’s the difference you get when working with a team? An individual is not able to be everywhere at once. A team however means that there is always someone who can reach out to, beyond just the main point of contact. They will be able to answer specific questions and take you through the contract to close the process. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below.  

0:38 - Should I sell my home privately?

2:51 - Which realtor should I pick when the suggested list prices are so different? 

6:14 - What’s it like working with a team of realtors? 

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