Mailbag: Should I Work With a Local Mortgage Lender?

What does the Triangle market look like right now? Should you buy a vacation home with family? Is there a benefit to working with a local lender? Find out what Angie says to these questions from the mailbag.

What kinds of questions do listeners have for Angie? Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or ready to consider buying some investment properties, you’re sure to gain some insight from her answers from this week’s questions from the mailbag.

What’s the market like in the Triangle right now? While typically spring is a popular time to move, there’s been a strong momentum of buyers. Are there any signs of slowdown? What continues to cause the market to be strong?

Is it a good idea to buy a property with additional family members? Tim is considering buying a vacation home with his parents. What kind of things should they keep in mind? Any complications that may arise? Is a higher down payment required for a second home?  

When it comes to getting a mortgage (or refinance), is it better to work with someone locally or to look further? Steve recently filled out an online form and is now getting contacted by so many mortgage lenders. Angie talks about what it looks like when it comes to working with lenders from other states. When you work with someone locally, they understand the way North Carolina contracts work. Who are some of Angie’s preferred local lenders?

Listen to the entire episode to find out more or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular question.

0:38 - How is the market in the Triangle?

2:53 - Mailbag: Can we split a home purchase?

6:01 - What’s different about buying a second home?

7:40 - Mailbag: Is there an advantage to working with someone locally for your mortgage?

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