Mailbag: Why Should I Use A Realtor to Sell My Home?

What benefits does a realtor provide when selling a home? Let's explore that today on the podcast along with some other mailbag questions. 

When selling your home, you want to make sure you’re getting the best offer and the best situation. Angie answers two questions from the mailbag today when it comes to making that sale.

Erin in Cary says they listed their home at the beginning of winter and hasn’t been able to sell it. Is the market better now than it was then? What might be different if we work with a different agent? Angie says the market is strong now for sellers, but we were also in a good sellers’ market in the winter. It might be worth asking why your home didn’t sell before. Was it overpriced? Was it poorly marketed?

Jeff in Raleigh and his wife are preparing to sell their home soon, but she wants to do for sale by owner. How can he convince her otherwise? Think about it this way, would you take a tooth ache to a professional (a dentist) or handle it DIY? It’s important to go to a professional realtor who has the proper experience and training to get your home sold properly. Do you want to hope you’re getting it right or work with someone who does this every day and can guide you through any hiccups that may occur?

More than that, consider the numbers. You might see the commission of a real estate agent and think you’ll end up ahead by doing it yourself. The reality is, research shows that sellers actually net less if they sell it themselves. Which one sounds like the better deal?

Reach out to Angie Cole and her team if you want to find out what working with them would be like and what your home might be worth!

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip to the mailbag question you want to hear more about.

0:39 - Mailbag: Will my home sell now if it didn’t this past winter? 

2:17 - What’s your favorite grocery store and why?

6:19 - Mailbag: Why shouldn’t I sell my home by owner?

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