Mailbag: Why Wouldn't You Take the Highest Offer?

When selling your home, why not take the highest offer you receive? Angie explains that the highest offer isn’t always the best offer and answers three other questions from the mailbag on today’s show. 

Angie answers four questions from people seeking real estate advice on today’s podcast. Are you in a similar situation? Have a question for Angie? Reach out!

Rose in Holly Springs feels like all the new builds are townhomes recently. Where can they find new single-family new builds? Angie says it might seem that way depending on the area you’re looking in or the price point you are trying to hit. You can find new builds but may need to raise your price point to find the size and layout that you need. Townhomes being built might be more visible from the main roads, whereas new-build neighborhoods might be tucked back a little. Angie says to consider Holly Springs neighborhoods like Twelve Oaks, and Honeycutt Farm. Remember that these don’t show up as often on MLS, but need to be done through the agent.

Phillip from Wake Forest had a realtor at his house to discuss selling his home, but they disagreed on the list price. Will you sell my home at the price I prefer? Angie says it’s important to be on the same page, but that they price the home in a way that will net you the most amount of money in today’s market.

Mae says a friend of hers sold their home but didn’t accept the highest offer. Why wouldn’t you take the highest offer? Angie says this is actually common. The best offer isn’t always the highest price. Other things like the due diligence amount or timeline can all factor into the decision.

Finally, Mac in Raleigh asks how many hours of work it will take to sell his home on his own. There’s time spent prepping your home which can vary based on what is needed to get ready to list it. But from listing your home until the closing table, a lot goes into marketing and selling your home. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip to a particular question using the timestamps below. 

0:39 - Where are the single-family new builds?

4:46 - Will you sell my home at the list price I want?

6:48 - Why wouldn’t you take the highest offer?

7:59 - How many hours of work will it take to sell my home by owner? 

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