Mailbag: Are There Contract Cancellation Fees?

What happens if you aren’t happy with your real estate agent? Do you have to pay a fee to cancel the contract? Angie answers this question and three more in today’s podcast.

Angie answers four questions from the mailbag today, all asking for her professional advice. What does she have to say today? 

Larry asks if there are any fees involved if you cancel a contract with a realtor. Angie says this really depends on the real estate agent and the contract. With her team, they want it to be a win-win. They aim to provide top-notch service and look out for you and your best interests. If you don’t feel they are meeting those requirements, then you are welcome to let them know without any real estate fees. This isn’t how it works with every realtor, but it is what Angie and her team do. You do sign a contract and legal document when working with a realtor, so be sure to do your due diligence and understand what you are agreeing to. 

Gary wants to know where the hottest areas are to buy a new construction home. Angie has seen more people moving to the outskirts as space in Raleigh is limited. A lot of construction is taking place in Zebulon, Youngsville, Clayton, Hillsborough, New Hill, and Fuqua-Varina. 

Bill in Morrisville is in his mid-30s and is considering getting a rental home as a source of income. He is getting pretty handy around the house and wants some advice on where to start. Angie suggests starting with one place at a time. Looking for a home or unit near one of the universities can help with consistently finding renters. 

Tiffani in Fuquay-Varina noticed a house in her neighborhood sold for $350,000. It has the same amount of space and number of bedrooms, so is this the same amount she should expect to sell her home for? This depends on the interior of the home. If one house is more or less updated, this could make an impact on the price and how much your home is worth. Having a realtor come out for a listing presentation could give you more clarity and guidance on the right price to sell your home. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamp below.

 0:38 - Will there be fees if I cancel a contract with a realtor?

3:37 - Where should I look for new construction?

5:15 -  What should I know about rental properties?

8:28 - Will my house sell for the same amount as my neighbor’s?

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