Mailbag: Will I Get My Money’s Worth Out of This Home Improvement?

Everything little detail adds up when selling a home and attracting a buyer. But do these improvements actually put more money in your pocket when you sell your home?

On today’s episode of the podcast, we dive into the mailbag and answer several questions pertaining to minor home improvements. Will the cost pay off in the long-run? Or are they just improvements that benefit you but won’t factor into your listing price. 

Scott in Holly Springs says his neighbor just installed a solar tube light into their bathroom and is considering doing so as well. What might future buyers think of this? A tube light brings in additional natural light, which is almost always a positive. That said, don’t expect to get major appreciation from this type of upgrade from future buyers. 

Sylvia in Knightdale is hoping to buy her first home this year and is very excited about the process. She’s blind and wondering if Angie has worked with anyone with disabilities before. Would she be able to bring her support dog with her to the showings? Angie shares how she would help as a realtor and what protections you’d have as a buyer. 

Sam in Chapel Hill wants to know if updating an attic to allow for usable storage space brings value to the home. They don’t plan on moving for a few years, but will the money spent be lost or will it pay off in the long-run? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really provide additional value. Storage is important though and may help the home sell faster, which could drive up the price. Having a pull-down ladder to the attic is definitely a positive for future buyers. Make sure to get additional quotes if the price seems high. Angie has a list of vendors that she can help put you in contact with if needed.

Britt in Clayton asks if an upgraded closet could end up paying for itself if they end up selling soon. She’s not sure whether they will move sooner or later, based on their current jobs. Who doesn’t love a nice fancy closet, right? Remember that closets can really expensive, really fast. If you’re thinking about selling your home soon though, be cautious about improving your closet. It’s pretty, but you likely won’t get your money out of it.

Listen to the entire episode or use the timestamps below to skip to a particular question. 

0:39 - Mailbag: Should I get a solar tube light?

2:43 - Mailbag: Can someone with disabilities bring a support dog to showings?    

4:51 - Mailbag: Does adding attic storage space bring value to the home?

8:04 - Mailbag: Can an upgraded closet pay for itself if we end up selling soon?

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