Mailbag: How Does Angie Help Buyers Make Sight Unseen Offers?

How often do buyers purchase a home without ever setting foot inside? Where are good places to look to build or for an active adult community? Angie answers these questions from the mailbag. 

Everyone wants to buy the perfect home for them. Whether that’s out on a bunch of land or in a close-knit 55+ community, Angie can help you find the right fit. She answers three questions from the mailbag about buying a home and one more about selling from afar in this week’s podcast. 

Zoe in Raleigh has heard that a lot of homebuyers are having to buy sight unseen. Is that really true? How does Angie put her clients at ease about this? Homes are moving so quickly that some sellers are deciding to just sell the house without going to the market. Asking for pictures and doing a drive-by can help. Don’t forget to give a good offer with plenty of due diligence upfront. 

Bryce in Wake Forest and his wife are getting ready to retire. What’s the best way to search for a 55+ community? What are some good ones in the area? Angie says there are several active adult neighborhoods in the Triangle. It’s important to find one that has like-minded individuals to you. Angie and her team have special filters in their database to help find the right one for you. 

Anastasia in Fuqua-Varina is interested in building their next home. They want to have some acreage but within a reasonable distance from places like the grocery store. Angie says finding land to build on at a low price is difficult right now. Try finding a neighborhood that is under construction and a lot with a builder you love.  

Dwight in New Hill inherited his aunt’s home and is planning to sell it. No one lives there and he lives too far away to care for the home. Should he work with a realtor, use Opendoor, or sell it via auction? Angie says she has dealt with this sort of situation many times and can take you through the process once they have access to the home. As real estate professionals, they will help you get top dollar

Listen to the whole podcast or skip to a particular question with the timestamps below. 

0:38 - Mailbag: Do I have to buy sight unseen? 

3:22 - Mailbag: How should I search for 55+ communities? 

4:55 - Mailbag: Where can I find land to build? 

7:27 - Mailbag: How should I sell my inherited home? 

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