Mailbag: Working With Angie and Her Team

Are you considering selling your home? Three listeners are also considering selling and had some questions about everything from working with Angie, when to sell, and how to sell several properties.

On today’s episode of the podcast, we answer three questions from the mailbag. Angie shares what kind of interaction clients get with her team, what home prices may look like, and how to address selling multiple properties.

Brandi in Raleigh wants to know, how much time does Angie interact with clients? Angie actively works with sellers, but has an incredible group of agents to help throughout the process. If you check the reviews, you’ll see that so many have worked with Angie’s team and have had an amazing experience. The benefit of working with a team is that you get a positive experience throughout the process.

Randy in Fuquay-Varina and is wondering if home prices might continue rising this year. Should they delay selling until later this year? Angie agrees that home prices are on the rise. As for whether you should sell now or later this year, consider the higher likelihood of getting more showings at this time of year instead of in the winter. Think about when the best time for you to sell would be.

Sandie has five rental properties to sell to help fund her retirement. Should she sell them all at once or one at a time? Angie and her team are able to take on the volume of homes, but it might be worth considering each property individually. What are the rental agreements with the tenants? How will they handle a shift in ownership? What is the pricing of the rental property?

Reach out to Angie and her team to get an estimate of what your home is worth. Are you ready to sell your home?

0:38 - How often does Angie interact with clients?

4:39 - Will home prices continue to go up?

7:11 - Should you sell multiple properties at once?

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