How Professional Photos Could Help You Sell Your Home Faster

How Professional Photos Could Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Hiring a professional photographer is essential because most homebuyers say that pictures are the best online tool to use when looking for a house.

It is rare that a singular factor will determine whether you sell your house faster for more money or at a higher price. In the case of professional photography, it might be.

Photos are the most popular online feature for homebuyers in today's digital world, so don't make the seller mistake of thinking your iphone can do the job.

A 2021 study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that 89% of homebuyers rated photos as the most useful website tool for their home search. First impressions are important, whether it's a job interview, a billboard or a date. Online photos of your home are the first thing that buyers see.

Why professional photos help sell homes faster

RedFin conducted a study in 2013 and found that homes with professional photos listed over $400,000 sold up to three weeks quicker. This trick is not only for high-end homes. The same study showed that homes between $200,000 to $1 million listed with professional photos sold for an average of $3,400 to $11,200 more than homes without listing photos.

Today, we do our first showing online. They make an immediate decision if they want to come visit the house when they see it on search platforms. We need to create a good first impression with the photos. The median price of a home is also quite high. Many potential buyers have high expectations of the way the home should appear. This is why we want to meet their expectations with beautiful photos to convince them to visit the home. The more potential buyers we can attract to the home, the higher our chances of receiving an offer.

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How can I create my own listing photos?

You or your listing agent are welcome to take the photos for your home listing. Smartphone camera technology makes it easy to take good photos. You're not likely to get the same angles, lighting and crispness as a professional real estate photographer who has more expensive equipment.

A good agent will be able to assist you in selling your home. They know the law and procedures surrounding buying and selling. They may not be trained in photography, but their skillset is impressive. Real estate photographers are trained to use the best equipment and know how to frame, expose and light photos to look better.

DSLR cameras, or digital single lens reflex cameras, are able to capture more details in a photograph without compromising on the quality of the photo. A wide-angle lens allows you to capture more room in a photo without distorting it, which is something that a smartphone camera cannot do.

What does professional photography cost?

The cost of hiring a real estate professional photographer can range from $150 to $500, or even more depending on how big the house is and the type of photos you want. Drone photography costs extra and requires a special license for the photographer. You can find real estate photographers online if you want to hire a professional photographer for your listing. Before hiring a photographer, check reviews and request a portfolio.

Ask your real estate agent during the interview if they have a photographer on staff.

How to take the best photographs

Exterior photos are usually the first pictures in a listing. A well-taken photo and good curb appeal will help set the scene for what is inside, and encourage people to view more photos. There are no rules stating that the first listing picture must be of the exterior. Select the photo with the greatest "wow" factor.

Put a photo of the house at the top of the listing if it is located on water, has an amazing backyard, or a stunning kitchen. This will help to attract buyers. Make sure to include at least one picture of each room. It can be useful to take multiple photos of important rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room. This will help views to see the entire space.

Real estate photographers who are experienced will take multiple photos of each room. They can also frame the room in a way that highlights desirable features and minimizes unfavorable features.

And while it's important to take quality photos (good lighting and angles), it's also important that they show a property in a neat, well-maintained state. Hiring a professional photographer to photograph a dirty bedroom, with dirty clothes on the bed and dishes in the sink will not help you increase foot traffic. You can attract more buyers with good photos, but you still need to prepare your home for the close-up.

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In today's digital age, where the initial home buying journey often begins online, the importance of professional photographs of a well-staged home cannot be overstated. High-quality images serve as the crucial first impression for potential buyers, significantly influencing their decision to explore a property further. Studies and real-world examples alike underscore the tangible benefits of professional photos, from selling homes faster to potentially fetching higher sale prices.

While it's possible to take listing photos yourself, the expertise, equipment, and eye of a professional photographer can showcase your home in the best light, meeting the high expectations of today's buyers. Investing in professional photography is not just about creating appealing images; it's about strategically positioning your home in a competitive market to attract more viewers, generate greater interest, and ultimately, secure the right offer.

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