Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent, Part 1

What questions should you ask your realtor and why? What kind of answers should you be looking for? And how does Angie answer these same questions?

What questions should you ask your real estate agent before deciding to work together? We ask Angie some key questions, both to find out her answers and to hear what you’ll want to know before working with a realtor.

What kind of experience do they have? Is it full-time experience? What kind of experience is going to be best? Angie admits there are constantly new situations that arise, even in the 13 years she’s been in the business. Working with someone who has been at it for at least one year (and knows when to admit they don’t know everything) is probably going to suit you well.

How many homes do they buy or sell each year? Sometimes this depends on the size of the team, as an individual vs. a team will change that number. Angie’s team will have helped over 400 clients by the end of the year. What are the benefits of working with a team or a single agent? Why has Angie chosen to work as a team?

Whether you work with a large team or a small one, ask who is going to be your point of contact. You want to be able to know who to call, text, or email throughout the entire process. It’s important to make sure you’re all on the same page.

What’s the typical timeline for homebuyers? This can change from person to person, but think about the process of offer to closing. Angie and her team focus on the speed the client is ready to take. Ultimately, you want to make sure the home is right for you.

Finally, is your agent asking you the right questions? Are they listening to your wants and needs? Are they offering good advice? Make sure you have a good conversation to figure out if you are both ready to work together.

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below. Then, be sure to check out part 2! 

1:10 - How long have you been a full-time agent in this market?

3:58 - How many homes do you sell or buy each year?

7:06 - Ask, who is going to be my primary point of contact?

8:24 - How long does it take for buyers to get through the process?

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