Real Estate Partners: What To Look For In Your Home

Let’s talk with five of Angie’s vendor partners to hear more about what to look for expect when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Beyond working with a realtor, you work with a lot of other important professionals when buying or selling a house. We talk with five real estate partners to hear their professional opinions when it comes to listener questions.

Craig, a real estate attorney, tells us if we are legally required to have a real estate attorney in North Carolina. Unfortunately, he says it is not required and sometimes is handled instead by a settlement shop to close transactions. You want to be cautious about doing this as you won’t have a licensed attorney there to look after your rights. If there’s a problem, you won’t have the protection you need.

Jarett Joines, a home inspector, shares what to be on the lookout for when buying a home. With the furnace and A/C you want to know the date it was manufactured. Typically, anything 10-12 years old and older is when it will start to develop some issues. An inspector will look for any defects or possible problems in the future and then can refer you to a licensed HVAC contractor.

Jonathan answers a question about the different types of loans. What type of loan is best? He explains the differences between a few different types, but says he doesn’t personally recommend adjustable-rate mortgages. Fixed-rate loans remove the worry about the payment changing and are often a good choice.

When staging a home, it’s nice to give a better look to a home. But when buying, should you look past the staging? Vicki says you want to look at how you might live in the home. Everything can be changed except the location.

Finally, Amber answers a question about whether or not you should fix the damage done to some hardwood floors. It depends on the situation, but remember that buyers want to be able to buy a move-in ready home. Floors and fresh paint on the walls can really make a difference in the eyes of buyers.

Listen to the entire episode or skip to a particular segment using the timestamps below.

1:55 - Attorney Minute: Are you legally required to have a real estate attorney in NC?

3:28 - Home Inspector: What to look for with furnace and A/C systems?

7:07 - Mortgage Moment: What’s the best type of loan?

10:40 - Buying Blitz: Do you look past the staging?

12:06 - Staging a Home: Should I fix damaged floors?

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