Are These 6 Real Estate Items Underrated or Overrated?

Today we’re talk through six different real estate topics and find out if they are overrated, underrated, or rightly rated. Do you agree with what Angie thinks about each of these? 

Let’s play a game of overrated, underrated, or rightly rated when it comes to real estate. Have you had experience with any of these things on the list? Find out what Angie thinks about the importance of each one.  

Are iBuyers worth considering? What are the pros and cons that might make this over or underrated? You’ll likely get a higher net if you list your home, even with the commission to the real estate agent. That said, you need to be ready to do showings with your home and for some people they need to get out and take the offer available right away. 

What’s the value of referrals? Realtors love getting your referrals. Friends, family, and past clients have given Angie and her team the bulk of their business. Make sure when you give a referral, you recommend someone you’ve worked with and trust. 

When it comes to real estate apps available when buying or selling a house, are they worthwhile? What’s out there and what does Angie recommend? About everyone has a smart phone, so it’s helpful and important to have that access to look at homes right from your phone. 

How important is it to stage your home well? This part of the process is often underrated when it comes to selling your home. A clean, decluttered home is going to sell much better than a messy one. A stager can give you suggestions on how to stage it well, and you might be surprised to find that it’s more about sweat equity than buying all new furniture. If your home is vacant, don’t forget about the option to do virtual staging. 

Many of us love watching HGTV, but is it overrated? Angie can speak from experience after being featured on a show several years ago. When it comes to reality TV, remember to take it with a grain of salt as it doesn’t always represent the real world. You might get some inspiration and entertainment from shows like this, but don’t set your expectations too high based on this information. 

Finally, should you include a handwritten note during the home buying process? Angie thinks these are underrated, whether in real estate or not. Realtors can send these to clients throughout the process. Another time to include a note or (perhaps a typed letter) is alongside your offer to a seller. 

Listen to the entire show or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular topic to find out if Angie thinks it’s underrated or overrated. 

1:05 - What do you think about iBuyers? 

2:46 - How do you rate referrals? 

4:38 - Are real estate apps worth using? 

5:38 - What’s the importance of staging a home? 

8:54 - Are you a fan of HGTV? 

11:31 - Should you write a handwritten note? 

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